• KuroDa Kazuma says:

    I never met this person, but I bless him and the loved ones he left behind.

    “Rriposi In Pace”

  • Eric says:

    I wish I knew what to say or do to make you feel better but best I could come up with is sorry for your lost the pain you must feel right now runs deep but stay strong you have friends to cry on we will always be there for you no matter what Narse

    though i may have not known him in life i heard he was a very nice person and we would have been friends for sure

  • Christopher says:

    Narse Im so sorry to hear about Athus, I know that everyone loved him dearly.The hundreds and thousands of his and your fans send our hearts and minds to you, friends, family and hope you guys will stay strong. 😥

  • Florian says:

    That`s preety sad. I hope he is in a better place. But i beliece nobody will forget him and his beautiful art.


  • Adea says:

    I never met Athus, but I feel terrible for his passing. I give his friends, family, and Narse my deepest sympathies and apologies.
    Please do remember that while the body may be gone, love never goes away, and he is always with you.

  • Alexander says:

    *salute* May he find peace and happieness in the next life, and may we all be together one day.

  • Lexu says:

    I never met this man but would have liked to, he was clearly a great artist who touched the minds and hearts of hundreds upon thousands of people. May he rest in peace and i pray for his family and close friends, along with his lover to cope over this loss

  • dr.lolipop;) says:

    Narce im so sorry of wat youst hapend to your friend, a im not good at inglish im in mexico.
    I youst lost a friend to.It hapend so fast.
    Wat i wana say is that thears people like you we all now wat you are pasing,right now sorry :(.

  • Andoryuu Lotammi says:

    I don’t have much to say, and I apologize for that. I didn’t know him very well at all, so I couldn’t. But, please take care, and I hope he may rest in peace. And, live above his expectations. I’m sure that’s what anyone would have wanted.

  • Aazhie says:

    So sorry to hear about the loss of such a cool dragon. I hope he is somewhere lovely and full of ocean and friends.

    Stay Strong

  • AnubisRubberFox says:

    I know the pain and empty feeling with the loss of someone, I did not know Athus, but I know to a point how some of you may be feeling, as I lost my lover in 2006 in a motor bike crash 10 mins away from our home.

    I wish all his close friends, family and loved ones the best for this time, and I am sorry from deep with in my heart at your loss.

  • I Am deeply sorry for the lose of Athus. His work had inspired me to write some of the best yiffy stories on Sofurry and Furraffinity. His art also brought out the best in many of us, for i have often heard or seen someon mentioning his name on their stories and art, saying that they were inspired by his art to. I do poems, stories and music so i hope though this will be enough

    From sea to shining sea, I wait for thee.
    We travel to water, to land, to air in glee.
    With our heads pointed forward, our hearts are set,
    We move through the world with courage, i bet.
    As a SeaDragon you are, we look up to you,
    we find a artist that you had grew.
    We will see you soon and hope that you live on,
    for we are furries and scalies, and we will never be gone.

    Goobye Good Friend and hope that your life in the ocean as a Sea Dragon came true.

  • Like says:

    I don’t know him but I feel sad .. so sad .. I hope you will find peace.

    Rest in Peace, Athus. Rest in peace.

  • Nekochi says:

    I never got the chance to know him. but rest in peace your story came to a close to early athus.

  • Dolphin says:

    Thank you for the ride, Athus! It was short, but it was fun, while it lasted.

  • anonymous says:

    I feel sorry and yet i don’t, but do not despair, you are strong in faith, strong in hope, strong in will, and strong in heart and love. Do not be sad for even in death he will be with you now and forever!!!

  • anonymous says:

    LOVE is strong and lasts forever, even after death, it’s the bond and link between the two of you that cannot be broken. Do not forget that!!

  • anonymous says:

    And i’m not saying this to mean or anything, just the truth. Do not let death keep you from living your life, sure it is short but it is also precious

  • This is something I know will affect the hearts of a many. To me, I loved to see the updates, always check what was new..hearing this made me stop to think, to cry, but also about love, It can be taken away, yet so pure in form or our hearts, loss of it is our soul lost. Athus, and Narse.. I’ll never forget that..I’ll never. That beauty is something I could never express in simple words..its something only my eyes could show, and my heart. Rest in Peace Athus, Rest in Peace. And Narse, be strong for Athus, for your heart. Never lose the memories, and never lose the joy you have inside your heart…never lose it.


  • WinDragon says:

    Sarai sempre nei nostri cuori.. La tua arte è arrivata pure in italia..! R.I.P. 

  • T.D. says:

    I just recently learned about what about happened… It’s hard to think that someone who has so heavily impacted my life is gone now. I probably owe my life to Brian and to think he is gone now is hard to fathom. I wish his family the best in these hard times. You will be in my prayers.

  • ACE says:

    I never knew Athus, but I can see that he was very special and I hope I get to meet him in the afterlife. I know that where ever he is now, he will be happy because I bet he is watching his friends, family, and even the very nice commenters right now. Rest In Peace…

  • Charlieroxz says:

    I am not a furry myself. I have just now learned of this tragic event. Athus’ major influence in the furry fandom probably made the fandom what it is today.
    I don’t have much to say but my deepest deepest condolences for Narse his mate. They were mated/in a relationship for 5 years. 5 years. After 5 years loosing someone who mean’t so much to you just like that– That is so rough.
    I hope Athus is well in Heaven. He had a pretty major influence on the furry fandom, and touched the hearts of a lot of people. Lovely guy he sounds like.

  • Anthus, you were the reason why I got into the fandom, you were a great great inspiration to All of us and um…I’d like to reference one, Valerie Page from ~V For Vendetta~ film…

    “I hope most of all that you understand that even though I will never meet you, laugh with you, cry with you, or kiss you, I love you. With all my heart, I love you.”

    You will not be forgotten Brian Dyer.

  • Tristan says:

    I am just now writing this because i was fighting a bad cold and the lose of a family member. i found out about this on my Hatch Day, 10/21. my 18th Hatch day. All i did was cry for i miss him greatly. i am crying as i write this now. i looked up to Athus. he made me want to start working on art and drawings in photoshop again. i am trying to follow this as a dream. something that makes me happy. my first ever art work that i will post will be in his memory.

    Tristan AKA Duke Morris

  • Kader says:

    I never knew Arthus, but from what I’ve seen through his words on FA and the words of those close to him, he sounded like an amazing person to know. The fact that I’m here, writing about it him as a result of his many friends’ praises of him shows what a wonderful person he was. It would have been an honor to have known such a well-spoken of person. I hope all of his family and friends fair well and have great fulfilling lives. God bless you all.

  • Aziz says:

    I didn’t know him. but i to know how it feels to loose a loved one this year. i send my condolences. May he rest in piece. i know that he will always be in your hearts so he will never be forgotten.

  • Manmare says:

    Narse, yours were the first images I saw that turned me on to furry and scalie art, a few years ago now. I’d always thought to try and find out more about you and maybe contact you, and just today I saw your profile and that you had a five year relationship with a guy you loved, which touched me very much: then I saw right next to it that he’d died. My heart hurt so much to read that. I wish you strength and love to go on living and creating your masterly art, and here’s a (non-religious) artist’s prayer for you.

    In love and fellowship let me create,
    Just as the circling word created me,
    And, from the prison of self-love set free,
    Let my work always be untouched by hate;
    As true to life below as light above
    Let me create in fellowship and love.

  • Necros Vanshoon says:

    I always loved his work, though I never commented on it as much as I should have. It’s rare to hear about someone passing that actually touches me like this did.

    There isn’t really anything you can say to someone when they lose someone close to them…all you can do is give them support as they struggle through it all.

  • Rac says:

    Though I never really met Athus, I miss him. I feel like there will be less joy in the world without him. But his legacy will live on, and be remembered not just by his family and friends, but by his many fans as well.
    I believe this legacy to be, above all else, one of Joy.

  • dieno crown says:

    wow i can not believe you left so young with so much to give to your fans and loved ones. thank you so much for all the years of art and story that tuched all our hearts you shale be truly missed my tears go out to you. and may you rest in the place you alwasy dreamed of.bless your spirit eternal.

  • anon says:

    my deepest condolences.

  • Ruji says:

    Hey Narse, I’ve been a big fan of both you and Athus for a few years. I just recently heard the news and was devastated to hear what happened. You 2 were an inspiration that got me to start making dragon art. I wanted to wait until I was a better artist to meet you or at least tell you thank you but I didn’t know how. It’s hard for me to realize that I will never get to meet or see one of the few people that I look up to. I can’t begin to write the grief that I feel. You have my deepest respect. I bet Athus is flying over the clouds, watching over you.
    – I hope we can talk in the near future.

  • Josh says:

    I realize that I’ve never met either Narse or Athus, nor have I met any of their friends and family. I also realize that I cannot go with the simple “I feel your pain” trick. I can’t. I offer my deepest condolences to all of those involved, and I hope that Athus rests in peace. Forgive me if I’m being informal, but I’m not a very emotional person, but I do feel truly sorry for what happened. To all of you.

  • Bo Huff (DragonKing) says:

    Though i have not had the time to thank him for the art he has made, I will always remember what a great artist he was. He was on of the best along with Narse. I feel as you do when my grandfather died. He was a kind and gentle man. I just wished i had the time to thank him but at least people will know how much i thank him. His art and Narse’s art has changed my life and I thank them for the wonderful things it brings to my heart. THANK YOU for the best life a person could ask.

  • Tanmir says:

    I know it is not my place to offer condolences, nor is it something I think would help at all. As someone serving overseas i know all about the pain of loss. I understand that words don’t bring people back. And because I don’t know him nor anyone he knew, my words are that much more void of meaning. But I would like to say that even though I never met him, knew him, laughed with him, shared stores and experiences with him, or had the opportunity to become his friend, I deeply miss him. He was a vibrant soul and displayed strength in all he did. He was a superb artist. He was an inspiration to me and many others I know just because he wasn’t afraid to be who he was at heart. I am a furry. I am a person. I am a soldier. I am bisexual. And without people like him to show that it is alright to be me, i would never be the man I am today. I miss him. I miss what he added to this word. He was a light in a world that is full of darkness. Now its our turn. We need to stand for everything he showed us we could. No matter how self aware or strong you already are, or beleave yourself to be, you can always change to become more true to yourself. So in regards to a man I never was able to befriend, a man that inspired me without ever knowing me, a man that lit so many souls aflame with joy, fly free and soldier on. There will never be another like you, you miracle of a seadragon.

  • Unnamed Dragon says:

    I would like to send my deepest condolences to the friends, family, and acquaintances of Athus. I never knew him, though from the outpouring of sympathy for him I have seen in the single day I have known of his passing, I think I surely would have liked to. I have shed tears now for someone I never knew, whose art I have never seen, but certainly has my respect.

    I have no accounts anywhere, having recently only gotten internet access, solely through the tiny screen of a mobile phone. I only happened upon this news looking at various art. I will now surely see if I am able to view any of Athus’ work. As I understand, he was quite gifted.

    I also wish his mate and friend who were injured a fast and full recovery. I hope in some small way, the outpouring of love, respect, and compassion you and Athus’ family have received are of some comfort to you.

    May you be blessed, and reunited with Athus in the great hereafter when it is time. You and Athus are in my thoughts, and also my prayers tonight.

  • Ariana says:

    My condolences to the family. Even though I never knew him in person, I feel deeply saddened by a loss of a fellow dragon.
    His family are in my prayers.

  • Snickerzz says:

    I never met Athus… and really wish i would have. RIP Athus <3

  • Avenuare says:

    My English is not the best, and I know not Athus. But I’m Otherkin hür each of us has gone deep emotions. Many of my relatives have died, and I had no sympathy. Why? Because I am not related in some way felt with them. Athus was in the soul of a dragon, and I think every death of a dragon with regret and sadness. I am thinking here of you Athus. The one who made ​​the most beautiful pictures.

    rest in peace and I will think of you

  • marshall fox says:

    hi i did not know him much but he hase grate stories and i ame sorry fore your loss narse its hard to louse a loved one me my self i feel bad i was not on fa much to look at his stuff moor but i will say one thing he was good at what he did
    R.I.P man and a gen i ame sorry fore your loss narse

    you have my simpithies athus and i ame shour you are in a bettr place now evin in death thar can be happines

    ps i ame relly sorry fore the bad spelling but you have my best wishis for happines

  • ShadowcloudIsraphaelBlackscale says:

    R.I.P Athus… It took long for me to realize, what really happened… I was on Furaffinity and i Saw this note on Narse’s Profile, with the car crash… I was shocked, and everytime I go on his profile, I have to cry. I have never met him or wrote with him, but still i have to cry by the thought of him… So RIP Athus… May your Dreams as Sea Dragon come true <3

  • onelostdragon says:

    I just stumbled onto his work a few days ago and I just found the article on a few minutes ago and it felt like I had just been shot. I had watched from afar for even just a few days the love that he and narse had shared and after learning that athus had passed it broke my heart and as I sit in next to my friends I hold back the tears and try to think that there are still good things in the world. My condolences and love to narse and friends as well as the whole community at large for their loss. A moment of silent grief………

  • Ferron says:

    I never knew Athus personally. Like many, I was simply a fan of Athus’ and Narses art. When I heard of Athus’ passing, my heart still sank. I didn’t think that I could feel this way over someone I don’t know. I believe it is related to the fact that I am too an otherkin, so when I say this, I’m not trying to come across as a fan, but as a fellow dragon. Athus will be missed dearly. I don’t think anyone who knew about him will ever forget him, and everyones wishes here, including my own, go out to you, Narse and your and his family, friends.. This dragon wishes you and everyone the best. Just know that he flies with you forever and is watching you now from the heavens above, with a love filled gaze, waiting for the day you can join him

  • BlueNoiseZZ says:

    You will be missed Athus. Its sad to see you go. But atleast you dont have to go through anymore pain, suffering, having to work, or worry about sickness. May your existence continue in the after life, where The Great One awaits for your return. To the family and loved ones, I hope you continue to grow, mature, and stay together as one unit. You have to stay strong, in loving memory of Athus.


  • Renoch says:

    I never met Athus, but because of his actions, I fell in love with the most wonderful dragon I have ever known. I just wish I could’ve thanked him for giving us that gift.

  • symapthy says:

    its been over a year since Athus passed away and i still remembered his work. i never met him nor did i talk to him personally or over the internet. his art alone touched me. he once posted a link to a video on youtube that i still watch today. he changed my life and the grief of his passing still lingers in my life. i still and always will remember you Athus R.I.P. mighty water dragon.

  • Crystalwhisker says:

    I won’t ever be able to know this special dragon, but I know that a lot of people loved and needed him. I hope he rests in deep, calm waters.. The most peaceful kind.

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