Friends & family of Athus Nadorian aka Brian Dyer

Friends & family of Athus Nadorian aka Brian Dyer,

On Tuesday the 11th of October 2011, Athus was involved in a severe car collision that ended his time here with us. The 29 years of his life were filled with amazing stories, incredible adventures and outstanding creativity and talent. He shared his love of life, affection for others and sense of humor with many wonderful people.

In memory of Athus and his special life, his closest kin have created this site for others to share their experiences with Athus as well as share photos and artwork. An email address has been established to send your wishes in to be posted on this site [email protected]

Thank you for your kind words, love and support through all of this. Remember to love life, hold your friends close and have a little fun – Athus wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

-Friends and Family

We have established a Paypal donation button below for those who wish to donate to Narse and Sarmy’s medical expenses, and Athus’s final expenses. Thank you.

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  • bromide says:

    Great artist, and doubtless – nice and great person… Never knew him in person though, and i hope some day i will.
    Fly free, glorious seadragon.

  • Blue says:

    we chatted a few time, he was probably THE single kindest person i ever met, he will be dearly missed and i hope to see him on the other side… Give em’ hell up there kid ^-^

  • Desertyrain Minrok says:

    I never thought that it would hit me that hard if a person I never really knew dies…

    In silent mourning — R.I.P.

  • dutchccobra says:

    You’ve got your wish, Athus. You’re a dragon now, somewhere. Far far away.

    never know him personal but his work was a Inspiration to many

    may heavens light lead him to a better place
    may the wind by your guide on a far journy
    to the stars

    let your light be ours guide in the night sky
    may it show us the way

    may your soul by free to by a guiding light for us all

    he was taken to soon away from us but he will be waiting fore us knowing some day all of us will by together again

    rest in peace Athus you will be missed

  • Zuzu Frostwing says:

    A great Artist and a Lucky man threw his life.

    He Will be sorely missed, But his memory cherished.

  • Famis says:

    I would have loved to talk with Athus, i did think about writing to him, but i thought in the end he would be too busy… too sad i didn’t.

    I’m sure Athus was an outstanding personality in both, human and draconic life.
    My deepest condolence goes to his Family, and his mate Narse, i can’t do anything for you besides saying that i feel so sorry for everyone of you…

    Athus, we miss you, we meet you on the other side

  • Logan Storm says:

    Rest In Peace, you will be missed by many!

  • Lowdelight says:

    I didnt know him..
    but, his very good artist,
    someone good friend or family.

    from Korea

    RIP buddy

  • Dracon BrightScale says:

    My condolences to his family and mate.

    Looking back on the times I spoke to him. He always has the kindest soul.

    I am sure he is flying and swimming now free.

    Remember the good times, and celebrate his life. He would want us to continue, and to perhaps follow his example.

    I am going to miss him.

  • Ariguseli says:

    A great artist is gone forever -,.’.,- … I send sympathy and condolences to his family and friends. May his soul find anything that was denied him in his short life.

  • KaniS says:

    Athus is one of the earliest scalies I knew. One of the few who still seemed to like me even after long periods of separation. He was definitely one of the kindest and most loving dragons I knew. May he find a place amongst the waves and wind again.

  • AxleWolfe says:

    Wow, I honestly have not heard of Athus until a member of my forums wrote about him. I did some research and was shocked and brought to tears when I read about him. We have a connection to each other and without ever knowing him I can say I feel a loss, a loss of a great guy who has touched many lives and done great things! Whatever lies beyond this life is unknown to us, but I hope he has embraced it full throttle and is making it his own :3! And to his family and mate, I cannot being to feel your pain, but know you have many people out there supporting you. Best wishes AxleWolfe

  • Shanrrosh says:

    This is from my journal, I was asked to post it here, and so I am.

    As we all know, the great Athus has passed and we are all left standing here with sadness in our hearts.
    There have been plenty of journals about it already, but I feel that I need to pay him my respects and and of course my deepest condolences goes out for all his closest, especially his mate Narse.
    I didn’t get to know him very well, but we did exchange emails from time to time, and it was nice.
    We actually seemed to have a lot in common.
    He was very easy to talk to, and very curious by nature.
    Even though he was such a popular artist it never went to his head.

    Quote from mail exchange with Athus: “*chuckles* So many people tell me I’m a popular artist, but I’ve no clue how well known I am 0.o It’s wierd.”

    He also had a very “real” and positive way to look at things.

    Quote from mail exchange with Athus: “Yar, I agree. Besides our memories, phantomlimbs, or other personal aspects of our past we still have in this life, eachother is what we’ve got most =)”

    Athus, thank you for letting me talk to you and telling me about yourself.
    You have affected my existence in this life and you won’t be forgotten.
    I pray that you might again, some day, fly high and swim deep as a seadragon.
    We all love you. Thanks for staying with us and good luck in your next life. I hope it will be a long and happy one.

    Respects from a purple dragon ~Shanrrosh

  • Ethan Black says:

    I never knew him. I personally didn’t know he existed till after his death, which is so very sad.

    It seems that so many people loved this person and his art and it is a tragedy of the worst kind to hear that his life was taken so early.

    Even greater tragedy that he left behind a mate of 5+ years, Narse.

    I hope that Narse finds the strength, conviction and energy to continue and that Athus Nadorian lives on forever in the mind of all those who knew and loved him.

    Good luck Narse. You’ll need it.

    And to Athis himself; If there’s an afterlife, I hope you spend it watching over your loved one. He needs you now more than ever.

    Rest Softly.

  • Anrhok says:

    As I saw a RIP in a picture with him.. I thought this cant be. And now I seeing it…
    I really cant believe that what happened. He was really a great guy. I hope he rest in peace now…

    He live now in a better world where nobody can hurt him.

    im realy sorry what happened. im really sorry about athus…

    And I hope you survive this difficult time, because we all will be right by your side and stand by you.

  • Lilly says:

    My condolences to his family and friends. I know the shock and misery of losing someone in such a sudden manner. I wish you all the best.

  • Draque says:

    I’ve interacted more with mutual than I ever interacted with him directly, but I wish I had gotten to know him better. Best wishes to all the friends and family he left behind.

  • Freddy Leonard says:

    Athus is a great man , even thought he had die . His memories will still be here with us to cherish . My condolences to the family , friend and his mate . There’s is nothing more i could say except may his soul rest in peace upon Heaven .

  • Seisuke says:

    Life is gone in a flash sometimes when you dont want it to happen, but in these times is good to what you guys did remembering his time with him. I am sorry this has happened i hope those who were closest will mourn him the most. May you guys find closure into this tragedy and move onward with a happy memory of him always.

  • Furchee says:

    Going through your last journal doesn’t help. I didn’t even know you and now I wish I did. The comments are so sad they bring tears to my eyes. That takes a lot usually …
    Take care of Narse as I’m sure it will be hard on him.
    May you rest in peace, friend.

  • Calan says:

    After hearing the news, I thought it best to send my condolences.
    Although i may not have known him, I was saddened upon hearing what happened to him. His family, friends and everyone else around him received a big loss that day. By keeping him in your thoughts and looking back on the memories and moments that you’ve all shared with him, he will never be gone. He will always be with you.
    A Heartfelt hug to you Narse.
    Rest in Peace Athus.

  • Anon says:

    Athus…I only met you once and I can honestly say you were the nicest person I’ve met… You were my inspiration and I just can’t believe your gone… You will be dearly missed. Rest In Peace

  • Gold Weredragon says:

    This was truly a sad day for those who knew Athus, and the past several days have been particularly hard hearing about this tragedy. He was great soul who helped many people in his time and this will not go unnoticed or forgotten. May his soul be in its peace.

    I knew him since March 2003, from his art style to the forums on and awakening experiences. I consider all Otherkin dragons as my family and morn the day when one of ours is lost, especially the good souls that this world needs more of. To me, helping others is the greatest service anyone can render and he accomplished that. Athus had spiritual awareness about him and an insight that I found consistent with the draconic family of Otherkin; he had a softness and a gentleness about him that many would benefit by his example, and this should be appreciated and never forgotten.

    We are grateful for your time with us, Athus, kind words, love, help, your bringing of happiness to those around you. Oh kind soul full of love, I wish you and your journey between lives, into the next life and beyond, to be full of ages of ages of joy, love, fullness and happiness, prosperity, success, abundance, help, blessings and bliss. Be in your peace. Be in your peace. Be in your peace.

  • Synge Embyr says:

    I am sorry for you’re loss Narse and to all others who have been effected by this, I was never given the chance to meet Athus despite the fact that they wear how I found out im not the only person in this world that thinks dragons are spunky. More then that though. Athus was a kind soul and he reflected his kind nature in everything he did.

    Again. I am so sorry he is gone, but I can promise I will be living my life by his example. I will always remember this sea dragon.

    I saw on his page that he loved the Elder Scrolls games. And if I can I would love to send the collecters edition of skyrim to you Narse, I know it wont help ease the hurt in any way but…I am sure Athus would want his mate to be happy and enjoy the things that he did. I wish there was some greater gesture I could make, but as it stands I can only wish you the best and hope that your heart overcomes this loss.

    Athus, you are loved. Always and forever.

  • Morph says:

    A great friend and a loving soul brother, I just wish we kept contact a bit more over the years. Amazingly enough, I thought of him just over a week ago, were going to ask him for an updated picture of him and me. I guess I’ll just have to draw it myself as a gift to him.

  • Winterdragon says:


    Your death deeply affected me. The little project we had going on, the e-mail correspondance until your untimely death.. I was really starting to appreciate you, and things would’ve easily turn into a friendship. The effort you took, the willigness to make a special gift for a friend.. It saddens me to know I will never hear from you again. That you’re really gone..

    It really hit me last night. I was overcome with a feeling of hopelessness and emptiness. Even though I never knew you on a deep personal level, I know those who did. Kind, cheerful, open, lovable, the whole package. Oh God.. we all miss you so very very much, Athus..

    The melody of Portishead – Roads is constantly on my mind when I think about you. To me the song’s the perfect representation of how I felt when I heard the aweful news, a few days after your death… somehow I still can’t believe it’s happened. And I truly wish it didn’t..

    Thank you so much for taking the time to approach me, to touch my life, and ultimately my heart~

    All the strength and love to your family, friends and loved ones~

    May you rest in peace, dear Athus

  • Garanixx says:

    I find it so difficult to say this now, but I’ll do my best..

    Athus, I remember the days when you and I called each other family.. I was so very fond of you, and to this day I still do not understand what prompted me to ignore your needs so much and throw everything away the way I did.

    Today I am a different person, but I feel it is too little, too late. It saddens me even more that I thought about getting back into contact with you, apologizing and asking for your forgiveness precisely on the same day you left us..

    For what it’s worth, I am sorry for pushing you away.. I hope my words are reaching you, wherever you may be.. And I hope you can forgive me for being so selfish and inconsiderate to you.

    Also.. Remember that picture you drew for me on my hatchday? It still makes me smile to this day when I remember that moment. We did share some wonderful moments together and I am proud to have called you family despite everything that happened.

    Wherever you are Athus, I hope you find all the peace and love you deserve. I will miss you and I will never forget you..

  • KajiDaBat says:

    Shame that someone so talented and amazing has left this place, I consider myself a very hardened person as well from my time overseas with the USMC and can take quite the mental beating but for some reason when I read about what happened. I got quite emotional and stopped up by this news.

    I have always been a great fan and it hurts me to know that someone with the talents and skill that Brian had never ceased to amaze me. I hope the best for everyone and that you have my condolences and utmost respect for you guys. Cheers to that water dragon that made everyone’s lives so diferent.

  • Gaellay says:

    To add to the chorus of my fellow lurkers here, of who I see many like myself in these comments. I never had the chance of meeting with him or even talking with him, but it does not dull the pain; it merely deepens it due to the spectre of lost opportunities. I’ll certainly take the opportunity to say goodbye through to someone who was so important to me.

    I first wandered into the scene in 2004 by finding VCL. During that year at some point, I found Athus’ site. It was clear to me I had found a fellow kindrid spirit and I then followed his work. Gradually this lead me over to FA and the rest of what I consider to be my fellow dragons. During the next five years, I expanded my horizons but always had his profile page as my homepage when I frequented FA, always looking forward to his next post or insight. His drive, his gentleness, his generosity were all apparent to anyone who had spent even a moment looking at his words or actions. I never took the opportunity of taking the next step and saying thanks to him for all I had learned and been exposed to. I see many of us also feel the same way. I do however find some solace in the fact there are so many of us out there, it’s mind boggling to see how many of us this man has touched without ever having a direct interaction with him.

    When I think of him now, I find his influence on me to be like a role model in retrospect over the last five years. He gave guidance even when it wasn’t asked for and assistance to those who needed it. Because of his musings and our fellow kind, I was able to discover myself and use what I found inside myself to make a difference. Athus’ consistent spirituality will leave a lasting impact on myself and those who had the privilege of interacting with him. Such integrity of the soul is rarely as bright as what Athus possessed and from reading these comments, he was never afraid to allow others to bask in it.

    Even through I’ve chosen to stand apart from the community and lurk for the last five years, my grief at this tradegy is no less for it. I gradually took his draconic presence in the community as a constant and the sudden removal of his physical presence leaves a void in my soul that I do not know if I’ll ever recover. It’s taken several days for me to get to the point that I’m able to write this. Time still has yet to tell how long it will take for us to come to acceptance of this tradegy. It’s reminder of how precious life is, even through I’ve come so far, there is so much more to go and experience.

    Your influence will be felt far and wide Athus, even beyond your passing. To those who had the chance to know him and experience some aspect of your life with him, cherish it. To those he leaves behind, Narse especially, you have my deepest condolences for this tradegy. Please remember him for the good times he gave and that he’ll never truely leave us. We’ve lost a great artist and an even greater soul this last week.

    May you spread your wings now unhindered by the world and have the chance to explore it’s depths and beauty. From all of us out there who’s lives you’ve touched: So long and thanks for all the fish. Your inspiring presence will be missed.

  • LexGoyle says:

    Hey there Athus,

    It’s taken me a few days to really get to sit down and think about what I’d like to write to you. I found out about the news from Thorphax during a customer chat. Yet another person whining about something trivial about their Kindle ebook reader. At that point I saw myself becoming rather short with that person and I just wanted to say there are far more painful things in life than a replacement electronic device taking 4 days to be delivered. The following days were not easy either.

    Our friendship barely got started and it will be quite some time before I get the chance to really know you should our paths cross in the life after this one.

    I haven’t felt this sad about someone’s death since my grandmother had died in 2005. I did not expect I would be quite as affected as others who have known you much longer are. But all the same I find myself mourning along with them.

    I didn’t get a chance to do so before you had left this plane to thank you for looking after Thorphax the way you had been. You were there with him, just giving him the simple attention he needed from a friend when many others hadn’t found the time to respond to him any longer. As you know, Thorphax…. to me.. is my other half and words really cannot properly express my appreciation for how happy you made him in the ways I could not.

    He was right about you in how spiritual yet fun loving you are. Very much a down to earth person and one I felt I could trust. Most of all… the love you expressed toward your mate was absolutely pure and genuine. I know you are looking after him right now. That sort of love runs deep and carries on to the next plane of existence. I feel he will carry on in the lessons in life you’ve taught him. He’ll just need some time is all and we his friends and family will help him any way we can.

    I will carry on your memory along with the many, many others in life you have touched either directly or indirectly. You have your wings now sweet sea dragon. Fly safe and free and let the currents take you to amazing new places so that you can tell us about them come time for our time here to end and we are all reunited with you.

    You’re a beautiful soul and gentle dragon we love and treasure. I’m really going to miss you. Until next time, my friend.

    – LexGoyle

  • Murrahnithahn-i-ia says:

    We had only met a couple of times in person, shared a few words there and online, but the guy was a good one. I’m always nervous around folks who are “popular” (silly insecurities), but he made a point of drawing me out and asking me about my own art! That cinched it- I knew I was gonna like this fellow.

    May you find the joy and rest you deserve, kind soul that you are.

    Hugs and an open ear for Narse and Sarminikahn (sp?)- heal well, guys.

  • Murae says:

    Rest in peace, Athus. My condolences go out to Narse and Athus’ family.

    May the storm calm for you soon. It is very hard to lose a loved one.

  • Rest in peace, Athus. I really like your works and I am sorry to see any more art from you…
    Your works have inspired my fantasy.

    I grieve at you and with all stakeholders.

  • Flecktarn says:

    Even those of us who didn’t have the honor of meeting you on a personal level feel the empty space, and the pain that comes with it.

    One day we shall meet.

    Until then, sleep peacefully, Athus Nadorian.

  • Aatukateri says:

    I never met Athus, but I was a big fan of is artwork and I heard nothing but the best about him. in honor of him, I have started a collaboration to show him and his family that we all care. it doesn’t matter if you are an amazing artist or not, he touched many of our lives with his art and now I wish to give back to him, his family, his friends, and his mate.

  • Erador says:

    I did not have the honor of meeting or exchanging words with you Athus, but your creative work has been more than enough. It bore your spirit and being. Your passing has left me heartbroken. I am amazed by the loving words so many have for you. May your heavenly seas be calm and the wind be beneath your great wings always. My heart goes out to your family and friends, especially your mate, Narse. May you all have the strength to make it through this difficult time.

    Athus, you bright soul, you will be missed.

    – Erador

  • Tilerin says:

    The world is a little darker from losing such a wonderful and bright star. May each life he touched carry the torch of his memory and spirit to brighten our days, as his dragon soul now watches over us.

    Rest in peace, Athus. My heart goes out to Narse and their loved ones.

  • Dustin says:

    I had spoken to Athus a few times through PMs and e-mails, and met him probably once in person, but I hung onto every word that came from him. I first discovered his artwork many years ago, and it inspired me to write a few stories, but I had been too self conscious to post them anywhere. I sent him a PM telling him how amazing his work was, and how it inspired me, and he told me to never be afraid to display anything I ever created. I still live my life by those words, and I will never forget them.

    When I learned on Thursday, Oct. 13th, what had happened on the 11th, it was as if someone had hit me square in the face with a brick. I didn’t want to believe what I was reading. I didn’t want to believe that such an amazing person was just… gone.

    Athus was a kind, loving, caring person, and such an absolute inspiration. The world is missing something truly special now. I know what my own pain has been, and I can only imagine how Narse, and those who were much closer to him are feeling. My deepest sympathies and condolences go out to them. I am glad to hear that both Narse and Sarmanikan are both physically recovering, and I know that the emotional pain of this loss will take much time to heal. I wish them speedy recoveries.

    Athus, we will all miss you deeply. Fly now on bluer skys and gentler winds.
    May the road rise to meet you,
    May the wind always be at your back,
    The sun shine warm upon your face,
    The rain fall soft upon your fields,
    and until we meet again,
    May God hold you in the hollow of his hand.

  • Mama says:

    I had barely begun to know you but feel as though I have known you forever. You have been the love in my son’s life; I could see it in his eyes, you are his soul mate. The beauty you shared together filled all those around you with the love I see rippling back to comfort those left behind. My heart breaks to see him in such sorrow; to see everyone’s sorrow. Inspire us to live as you lived; each day as if it was your last. I can’t help but think you would kick us all in the butt for carrying on this way. You will always be in our hearts.

  • Kalruch says:

    A famous man once said we are a way for the cosmos to know itself. Athus helped many of us to know ourselves. Myself included.

    I’m sorry we never patched things up.

    Take care, Athus. Maybe we’ll see each other the next time around.

  • Coontail says:

    I don’t really know what to say…but even though i barely knew him in person, i admired him for his art, and thus i feel really sad too.

    May he rest in peace wherever he is now.

    And…of course…Be brave, Narse…:/

  • Beverly says:

    “spent lots of time to search, findally i get it, useful finfo me for me!”

  • Nova Fox says:

    So that is, what Fox meant, when he said “I celebrate this day with a laughing and a crying eye.” Laughing, because I managed to fulfil my life’s dream on the 10/11/11 and become a German Engineer in Computer Science and crying … well … that should be obvious.

    My condolences to his family, to his friends and to all, who knew him. Now, another dragon has gained its wings and is flying. Fly well, my friend, and be sure to pick me up, when its time for me.

    And, because I think its a fitting song, here is something just for you. Yes, I know its in German, but its kind of easy to translate.


    And here the lyrics for the interested:

  • Devin says:

    This might sound mean but its not.

    Dont spend day mourning his death, spend them living life in memery of him. Spend them doing something like giving to the community. Do what he would want you to do, and that is what really matters.

  • Morrogh says:

    My deepest condolence to the Family, Narse and all the Friends of Athus…

    Rest in peace Athus Nadorian
    May you rest in calm waters Dragon of the sea

  • Yascha Ying says:

    I didn’t know him, but I wish him that he go well, where he now is. It’s always sad, when someone is gone, especially friends, family and everyone who knew this person… And so, all my condolence to his family, his mate Narse and his friends… He stay in our hearts… So he won’t be forgotten… Rest in Peace Athus…

  • FeanorSD says:

    Реально жалко чувака, я очень расстроен его уходом. Таких драконов мало на земле. Очень жаль…

  • Longbottle says:

    My sincerest condolences to Narse, as well as Athus’ family.

    Rest in peace, my wayward friend.

  • Madadh Ruadh says:

    I did not personally know Athus, yet, from the comments I have read, it seems to me that he was a truly wonderful person. I hear words of kindness and love, and I regret that I was never able to meet or talk to him. I do wish, however, to impart my words of love and grief that I feel from hearing about him.

    To family and friends: I hope that your sadness will be eased with our prayers, and, in time, you may learn to smile again. Think not of this as his departure from this world, but, instead as his release into your hearts.

    To Narse: I offer you my greatest condolences, and I wish that Athus will remember you, and visit you along his journeys.

    To Athus: …To think that I would be so greatly saddened by your death, even though we did not know one another…It puzzles me. I sense the pains of those who loved you, and I hear the words of those who mourn for you …and I feel nothing but love from them. It is my fervent wish that you can fly free through this world, unhindered and unbound, able to traverse the paths that only the wind knows. I hope that, someday, our journeys in the other world will allow us to meet.

    For the peaceful release of Athus Nadorian, I pray.

  • Dogmeat says:

    I didn’t know him, but when I heard about this I just wanted to send my condolences to his friends and family.
    Have a peaceful rest, Athus. You will be missed.

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