Friends & family of Athus Nadorian aka Brian Dyer

Friends & family of Athus Nadorian aka Brian Dyer,

On Tuesday the 11th of October 2011, Athus was involved in a severe car collision that ended his time here with us. The 29 years of his life were filled with amazing stories, incredible adventures and outstanding creativity and talent. He shared his love of life, affection for others and sense of humor with many wonderful people.

In memory of Athus and his special life, his closest kin have created this site for others to share their experiences with Athus as well as share photos and artwork. An email address has been established to send your wishes in to be posted on this site [email protected]

Thank you for your kind words, love and support through all of this. Remember to love life, hold your friends close and have a little fun – Athus wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

-Friends and Family

We have established a Paypal donation button below for those who wish to donate to Narse and Sarmy’s medical expenses, and Athus’s final expenses. Thank you.

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  • ShiintoRyuu says:

    Athus, you were the first dragon I ever got to talk to, you guided me when it was very important to me. I dont know how things would have gone without you back then.
    I will always remember you.

  • Jaiko says:

    I have said this on a few FA journals, but I’ll say it here.

    I never had the pleasure of knowing the guy, and only added him as a friend on Steam after seeing him at FC this year, just so I could see what Steam games he owned, and talk about Skyrim since I really wanted to get to know him somehow. I know it is very awkward for both fans and artists to come together at times, but I wanted to try.

    I got to see his face IRL at FC this year… at the Adult Dragon Panel. Imagining that face… suffering… during those last final moments… makes me sad… and is stamped into my mind. I have been toying with the idea of becoming an artist for awhile now… but with this, I will push that forward, and I will draw a worthy memorial pic someday to honor you, dearest one.

    So from my heart to any who took the time to read this (Thank you… you are awesome) I share with you the best song I can think to dedicate to him, and this one comes up, because it reminds me of Athus and Narse.

  • Narrow says:

    I will miss your shiny scales here in our sad world.

    And I wish the best for your beloved mate narse and your family

    with tears from another Dragon


  • Araphre says:


    Living through this life, there are maybe a small few people who shaped what I’ve grown into.. who I am now. You were one of them.

    Our time knowing each other well was short, which was a combination of my lack of ability to keep up with online contacts and your utter popularity. You deserved every ounce of attention, that’s for certain… an amazing artist and personality. I suppose it made me feel small next to you. But I was young, and didn’t know the extent of how to handle such feelings… and I regret shying away from attempting to know you more and become possibly closer friends. I should have stayed in touch. For that, I am sorry.

    Growing up, I had always looked up to you in more ways than one. Of course, I learned much on the subject of draconity from you, which helped me mature. I also regarded you as one of my favorite artists, and still do. You artwork, and even the few special words we shared, inspired me to be all that I could, and to never stop growing as an artist and a dragon. For that, I thank you.

    May you rest in peace. You will be deeply missed. I love you.

  • Nakourou says:


    Thank you for everything you gave us during your life, may your soul be free to fly in the boundless sky.

    Rest in peace

  • Nina Tokala says:

    RIP bud
    Tha fandom will miss you

  • WhiteTigerDancing says:

    To the kith and kin of Athus,

    I never knew the man, but I wish you all the peace and love you need in this time of mourning. He will never be truly gone if he is remembered.

    God bless.

  • Legion_beast says:

    I only knew you for a brief time even if I saw your talents for many years.

    I am glad I could at least write a small story to have made you happy.

    I hope your friends and family will recover soon and that you find peace in the hereafter.

  • Xanthus Anon says:

    They say life is a flame that burns brightly for years. Forever marking itself in the memories of those that witness it forever.

    This is a prime example of how bright a flame can burn. I didn’t know Athus personally. Nor did I ever get the chance of even talking on a chat basis but I see the effect he has had on the community around us.

    The journals. The art. The comments. All the love cumulated in one expression solely for the rememberance of who was truely a wonderful being.

    You can’t teach that. You can’t fake that. Right there, is the effect a generous loving person can have on the world. How one person can change the lives of thousands of others.

    Wind to thy wings, Athus. We all love you. Even those you never met.

    Rest in peace.

  • HerpyDragon says:

    Athus, I never had the chance to talk to you or meet you, but I’ve always been a fan of yours. I wish a peacful rest. The world has lost a great person and artist.

    Rest in peace.

  • Khranok says:

    I wish that I was some kind of prolific poet so that I could find the words to express how deeply you will be missed by myself, your family, your friends and your partner. However I could not say anything that would do this justice.

    You were one of my first draconic friends, my first wing brother, you introduced me to many people whom I still talk with to this day.

    I still have my memories of my time spent with you both online and in life and they are held close to my heart, from when we used to chat over AIM, discussing one another’s draconity and spirituality, to visiting the 6 months I spent with you away in the US. To my visits over there, you were always warm and welcoming and sometimes a real goofball that made me laugh and smile. I remember the time we got to go to the Grand Canyon together and share the majestic beauty that this world has to offer with one another. I remember doodling with one another in conventions, you were always one to strive bettering yourself as an artist and some of that had certainly rubbed off on me in the past.

    You were a friend, a brother, a muse and a mentor. I wish I got the chance to mention how much you were truly appreciated by me whilst you were still in life, hopefully these words may find there way to you somehow.

    Wind to thy Wings.

  • Vincent G Jr. says:

    Athus wasn’t just a great artist, but a kind soul who cared about people. I’ll miss him for many reasons, but I’ll always remember him fondly as all people will. Fly to the heavens friend!

  • Aeroithia says:

    Though I didn’t know Athus personally, I wanted to get to know him.

    I had only recently added a watch to his FA page after stumbling upon it, I’d seen his artwork for a long time and, truly his skill is amazing. It hurts to have lost someone with such a gift despite not knowing him.

    May the winds and skies of the worlds guide you on Athus, you will be truly, deeply missed.

    To the friends and family of Athus.

    You have my deepest sympathies and condolences for your loss at this time, my thoughts are with you.

  • Loid says:

    I didn’t know Athus personally, but I respect him from all the artwork he had made, and for what he really is. He’s an inspiration for me and everyone else, his passion for his work have brought everyone to love his arts everyday. Rest in Peace Athus Nadorian, I know you’re happy there in the Dragon Haven. We’ll see you soon, guide us and thank you very much.

  • Aoki says:

    I never knew Arthus, but I am familiar with the impact he had on the community and the contribution he made as well. My prayers go out to Narse, his family and friends and loved ones. I can imagine loosing a loved one, an inspiration and a dear partner. I pray for comfort to those he left behind. My deepest condolences.

  • Shalinka says:

    To Athus:

    Rest in peace, really.

    To all the family and friends:

    Courage, and hugs from France. I know who it can be difficult..

  • Ahndeleck says:


    There is little more that I can say that has already been said. All of us shall miss you and none of us shall forget you. You have left your mark on this world, and a strong, lively, and caring mark it is too. I regret that we couldn’t have known each other better. Perhaps we will in the future.


  • Adam Jensen says:

    He was an hero. I am truly sorry for your loss, he seemed like such a great person. It doesn’t matter, with us or not, we will love him 5ever. (That means more than 4ever).

  • Cirgon13 says:

    I will miss you Athus…
    Spoczywaj w pokoju przyjacielu.


  • JC Denton says:

    What a shame.

  • Kagrin says:

    I never had the chance to meet Athus, but I can tell he was and still is loved dearly.

    To his family and friends, I’m sorry for your loss, and I will keep you in my prayers.

  • Shimmerscale says:

    Thank You, Athus

    One of those who helped me realize how to look, and understand the world. You may not know me, but here i Thank You, for all good you have done,

    I wish You good luck, on your Way.

    You had and still have great impact on artists around the world.
    I will remember You.

    I am sure You will be happy, and bring happiness to anyone around.

    My heartfelt condolences to the family and friends.


  • Quamer says:

    The life is so fragile and moments like this remember us it. Now he is in a better place watching and taking care his family and closest friend.

    I’ve never know Athus personality or talked with him, but he left something in everyone of us, and still doing. There are only few people made it and in Athus case becuase he did something good. He will always live in our hearts and we’ll never forget him.

    My sincere and deepest condolence to his family, mate and closest friend.


  • Kirtan says:

    Never met You but i was watching your art for few years and now You’re gone… and it’s hurt very, very badly.. You will be missed by hundrets of people, especially Narse… Now dragon, You are free, You may flight wherewer You want and wish, Fly with other dragons… Be free… be remembered…

    Farewell Dragon…

  • Dear Athus,
    Your art, your passion, and your enthusiasm has inspired all of us in the fandom. You were one of the very first artists that I’ve came across seven years ago when I was new to the fandom. In fact, you were one of many artists that brought me into the fandom – through your art, your dragons, and your fantasies!
    Life is like a fire… burning on a candle, the fire sways in the soothing breeze of the air, it’s motions… somewhat gentle, calm, and yet chaotic and unpredictable at times… Now you are able to spread your wings, and fly high in the golden heavens above us, watching us from high up in the clouds, you are now free of the bonds of life that hold us all together… Now Athus, you are free… You will forever be missed dear friend. Be at peace, and rest easy Athus.
    My sincere condolences to Narse for this great loss of mateship, I may not know Athus in any close way, but I believe that all us dragons share something in common, as do all other furs out there as well. …May we all slowly recover from this loss in time. Goodbye dear Athus… *cries* 🙁

    ~my sincere condolences
    ~Melfur ‘Szphiraghn’ Silverblade

  • Ios BloodBlade says:

    I never got to speak with you about much, only briefly, Athus. I will play the Funeral Taps and 21 Gun Salute and Present Arms, now and forevermore. I send you this message hoping you, as the family and friends, will as well. We will miss you, Athus.

  • Kresnorf says:

    It isn’t right that we should lose this one who shined so bright.
    But we’ll take conforting knowing that nothing can end his light.
    He left a fire in the hearts of those he touched in life.
    Let all the love that he has shared to help us through our own.
    He did it right.

  • Tysha says:

    Sleep well Athus, I wish I could have known you better.

  • Niku says:

    Athus your time here on this earth was short, but you touched so many peoples lives through your art and your great personality and kindness. I cried so hard when I saw you past I may not have known you personally but I feel a great lose to our community. I can only imagine the pain Narse is going through. Narse will have much love and support from us through this rough time.

    May rest in more calmer waters and be free to spread your wings and sore.

    We will miss you dearly.

  • Billy Herrington says:

    This is a poem I wrote about Athus. I considered him a dear friend, and we will all miss him.

    You were an inspiration to many,
    I’m grateful for knowing you.
    For the time that i knew you,
    For the gifts that you gave us.

    I’ll always remember you as a friend,
    Never will i forget what you have done.

    Here is where your real story begins,
    Ending is only the beginning.
    Loved by those that knew you,
    Live forever, your legacy will.


  • Adam says:

    I hadn’t gotten the chance to talk with you, and now that is gone.. rest in peace, and may you find comfort in all the love that your friends and community have given.

  • Nicobay says:

    i never meet you really , but every time you chitchated with me in messenger , i was so happy .
    you was a generous and gentle person , and im crying for you .
    all your art was a escape for the hard reallity , and sadly , this reallity catch you back in the most crual way .
    fly away for a better world my friend dragon.

  • Jake says:

    Never knew you personally… but always watched and admired your art from afar… kinda regret not saying hello while I had the chance to… and now I know I never will… rest in peace and have a happy afterlife

  • drako darkrose says:

    Athus i never meet you in person i did not ever talk to you before in my life. but i seen all the post on fa and seen and read a lot of the comments on this here site for you. that you where a great person indeed and was well loved for who you are. i hope to meet you some day in the future. but for now watch over all of us from above and we all will join u some day up in the heavens.

    Drako darkrose

  • Sean C. Patrick Kirsch says:

    My condolences to all the loved ones of Athus. Sadly I did not have the pleasure of meeting you and calling you friend, but have a dear friend that is very close to you, but I think we would have been great friends had the opportunity come. I am very saddened and heart broken to hear of the loss of someone so very close to all those that love and care about you. May Athus rest in the eternal peace of the angels and may those closest to him only know the joy, happiness, and love he brought into each and every one of your lives. As Mr. Black in Harry Potter says, “The people we love never really go away. They are always here. *Holds hand over your heart*” As much as it hurts, know you have a guardian dragon that now watches you all from the stars and will always be a part of you. Love never dies and one day you will all be together again in a happier place than this. Rest in peace Athus safe in the palm of God’s hand.

  • Razor231 says:

    My deepest condolences to his family and friends.
    Sadly, I never even knew him, but seeing all these comments and journals about him passing away, I have no doubts that he was an amazing person.

    Rest in peace, Athus.

  • Cy says:


    I’m sorry we got out of contact for so long…
    I look back on some of the conversations we had and I promise you I will treasure them always. I had a blast hanging out with you and Narse, as well as all of your friends last year at AC. I only wish that we could have repeated more memories of the kind. I am hoping that you find peace wherever you rest. You will be missed always


  • L-Dragon ġie says:

    Even though I only saw a couple of your pictures and not physically, (through the tags I searched with/for) you showed me a great look of kindness through them all. May your spirits, both human and dragon, soar together with everlasting peace! R.I.P. And deep regrets to those who knew him better then me including his family and even those who only just found him.
    Va bien great one.

  • Lairex Rai says:


    I have never got the pleasure of meeting you, thou I want to say Fair and Pray the Gods for you on your safe journey. As well Narse I’m Gravely Sorry for your lost of you Best Friend and Loving Mate. I Mourn from this Awful News and Hope Every one this affected but this Will recover

  • Lacienda Warner says:

    You’re very well-loved dragon, Athus. I would’ve loved to get to know you and your talent… Rest well and rest at peace. You will not be forgotten.
    My heart condoles to those still left in this world.

  • I didn’t know Athus personally but feel I know his spirit through his art and I was taken aback by the news of his passing. As if I can feel the sorrow of all the other dragons and furs who also feel his loss.

    I will miss him very much.

    May peace be with him.


  • Electric Talia says:

    Athus, you a light. I didn’t know you as well as I would have liked, but when you and I did speak, you were always so cheerful and bubbly; just an extremely positive person. I am glad to have had the few encounters with you that I did. You were one of those rare individuals that gives one hope for humanity. I am staggered; taken aback by this news. I hope all of those who were closer to you than I was can find peace in their hearts and minds as well. *Hugs to you* ~Talia

  • Raspberry Roo says:

    I remember the nights I shared your company. You opened your home to me as a guest a number of times and I admired your creativity, your talents, and most of all your beautiful soul which while it may have left the host it had here on Earth, it lives on among the ones who clearly love you so deeply. You are missed.

  • Sek-Raktaa says:

    Athus, you were one of the artists that i looked up to and admired the most. i always loved to see your drawing and style and i wished that i could have gotten to meet you once in my life.

    your passing leaves a gapping hole that cannot be fixed and you will be dearly missed, but you will never be forgotten.

  • Rozel Roo says:

    Athus, I never spoke to you more than a quick hello or how are you, and I regret never getting to know you fully, your time was taken from you to soon. We will all miss you and how you touched our lives in some way even if small. For the friends family and especially you Narse,I offer my dearest condolences to you. May he rest in peace.

    ~Rozel Roo

  • Kevin (Renlu) says:

    To the friends, family, and mate of Athus/Brian,

    I never knew him very well, I believe I only spoke to him once over an art request from Narse himself. However..I know the pain of losing a loved one and for his life to be cut short from such a tragic and freak accident is an absolute heartbreak.

    I offer my condolences, heart, and dearest apologies for the loss. I cant even know what all of you who were close to him are feeling.. but I think Brian felt the same about all of you, and he will never be forgotten as long as those who knew him live and keep him in their memories, and their hearts.

    Rest in peace Athus, all of us will miss you. And in the afterlife, watch over those you loved from your heavenly wings.

  • Game Master 136 says:

    I may never have known him personally but he’s always been an artist that I’ve respected since I first saw his art about 5 years ago when I was just finding the fandom.

    Mögen sie in Frieden ruhen.

  • Colin says:

    The world’s a better place for you having been with us, our hearts go out to you!

  • ToeClaws says:

    I did not know Athus personally, but did see his art and works throughout my years in the fandom. I have lost two family members to similar accidents – both young, like Athus. It leaves a very painful hole in everyones’ lives, and healing takes time. The kind words of friends and family, the support of community, and celebrating all the good memories and times of Athus will help with healing. May all the good memories never fade, and may you rest in peace Athus, until all who loved you meet you again in the next life.

  • Ethelshai says:

    I never had the chance to get to know you Athus, nonetheless, I want to express all my condolences and sympathy to your friends and family in these difficult times. May you rest in peace.
    Wind to your wings.

    “This day, one of us is leaving,
    For the last time has he spread his wings,
    For a last take off has gone flying.

    May this soul find bright skies,
    Where each of our beloved brethren flies.

    This day, one of us is leaving,
    For a new life among his loving siblings,
    Who, over all of us, keep watching.

    May this soul find peace again,
    That our sibling may be born again.

    This day, all of us are mourning,
    The loss of a beloved being,
    Who, for the last time, has gone flying.

    May this soul hear our tribute rising,
    To the skies where he, among the stars, is now shining.”

    — Ethelshai —

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