Friends & family of Athus Nadorian aka Brian Dyer

Friends & family of Athus Nadorian aka Brian Dyer,

On Tuesday the 11th of October 2011, Athus was involved in a severe car collision that ended his time here with us. The 29 years of his life were filled with amazing stories, incredible adventures and outstanding creativity and talent. He shared his love of life, affection for others and sense of humor with many wonderful people.

In memory of Athus and his special life, his closest kin have created this site for others to share their experiences with Athus as well as share photos and artwork. An email address has been established to send your wishes in to be posted on this site [email protected]

Thank you for your kind words, love and support through all of this. Remember to love life, hold your friends close and have a little fun – Athus wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

-Friends and Family

We have established a Paypal donation button below for those who wish to donate to Narse and Sarmy’s medical expenses, and Athus’s final expenses. Thank you.

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  • Draccy says:


    I never got to meet you, and I probably only talked to you once, but that doesn’t change the fact that an impact to one of us affects all of us. You will be missed, always remembered and never alone. Prayer go to you for your safe travel and be sure to continue to show off your many artistic talents in the clouds.

    With love,

  • Akashi says:

    I’m so sorry for the loss, it’s always hard to lose such a loved person, while I don’t know him personally, my condolences to all of Athus’ friends, family, and to Narse, we will remember him as he was. From all these comments I can tell he was a very kinda, caring person, and I know that’s how he shall be remembered.

    May he rest in peace, and his spirit carry on into a free existence.

  • Jacob Target Scott says:

    The world has lost a great person.

    Though I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting you, your passing still leaves me with an undeniable ache in the bottom of my heart. It’s a shame to leave this planet at such a young age, you had so much life left to live.

    May your wings never tire as you cross the sky, shine brightly to rival even the stars themselves.

    Rest in peace, Athus.

  • Niiku says:

    Athus… I’m so sorry I let our friendship slip away. I’m so very sorry we never reconnected like we both wanted to. You were such a kind person back when we talked on Draconic so many years ago, and I’m glad you never changed. I hope you’ve found peace wherever you’ve gone.

  • Rheiga says:

    Athus you will be missed. I wish you well in the next life. I never got to know you as well as I would have liked, and now that opportunity will come. Though through the friends we had in common I can see your influence every day. You will always be remembered for the wonderful and kind person you are.

  • Rheiga says:

    I’m sorry, that was supposed to read now that opportunity will never come. It’s difficult to type when you are trying not to cry.

  • Canon15 says:

    i didnt knew you, and i dont know narse, but for some reason i wanted to leave a coment, i hope you are fine now, in peace and i know you are watching for your love ones, i hope they understand the fact they are not alone, because you are with them, i hope you are in peace now, have a good trip

    Canon Grimaldy

  • Skadjer says:


    I, like others, did not see as much of you in this life as I desired. But I treasure every one of those moments that I successfully spent in your company, now all the more.
    You were such a brilliantly shining beacon of awareness, an inspiration, an interpreter. You always appeared fearless before the trials of human life, and possessed an empowering knack for pursuing dreams. All along the way you’d have a kindness to afford those you met along the road.

    I felt like you were as close to having all the right answers as anyone I’ve ever met.

    It’s amazing just how much of an effect you have had on so many people. I wouldn’t be who I am today without you, but I don’t know if you ever really knew that.

    So much of my fledgling draconity I owe to your mentorship. Though our encounters were typically brief, they were spun from gold. You’d say one thing that I’d rack my brain over for weeks, ultimately leading to vast and wonderful new landscapes of discovery, the depths of which I continue to explore every day.
    An old master in young street clothes. Unassuming, yet vividly, heartbreakingly radiant.

    You shone as brightly as anyone I’ve ever met.
    I was never able to fully articulate just what a simple joy it was to be near you, to feel that calm confidence in yourself and in your family, to feel that spirit glowing and to behold the beauty that you were within. That lanky sea dragon with a fiery heart and a happy home. You carved such a life for yourself and those around you out of this rock, it set quite an example.

    I regard you as a teacher, Athus. You managed to teach me more in a short time than seems regulation.

    And I’m going to miss you so much.

  • Caerulus says:

    Though I never knew him personally, Athus, I could tell, was an incredible person… it is always a sad day when the world takes someone like him too soon…

  • Drag_Seduction says:

    It is a sad time when one so talented and with such wonderful art skills live the worlds so early in life. He will be greatly missed by many,but he will always be in our hearts. This way he will never be forgotten.

    I remember a quote one my relative said to me when my father died i hope this quote help bring some peacefulness as it did me

    “Walk tall as the trees; Live strong as the mountains; Be gentle as the spring winds keep warmth of the summer in your heart , and know that your love ones will always be with you ”

    May you rest in peace athus and may your dragon wings help you soul fly though the skies to ever lasting peace.

  • Wrsaith says:

    You will be missed by many. We all feel a piece of us missing now that you are gone from our lives. I will miss you and pray that you are at peace. My your soul find rest where ever it may go kindred spirit. *bows head*

  • Aesuth says:


    I didn’t know you, or ever talk to you, but you had an important impact on my life.

    A website you put up, detailing your discovering of your draconinity, was the inspiration for my own realisation of being dragonkin and it’s been the guiding light of my life ever since then.

    I thank you for sharing your experiences that help put me on my own path. I wish that you are in a better place, and I wish the best for all your friends and family whos hearts you touched.

  • Erk Gloom says:


    I never knew you, but I am filled with deep confusion at your death, wondering why it happened. Why you of all people had to die so young. It might not seem like much coming from me, a banned user of FA. but I liked the toys that you helped create. I only hope that this won’t stop your mate from continuing his work and livelyhood out of grief for you.

  • Sarovak says:

    Rest in peace.
    You will be remembered

  • Syra aka Mark Zinsmeyer says:

    Dear Athus

    I never got to physically meet you, but I think we can all say we meet you through your art. You are an artist, a friend, and a dragon companion. You will be dearly missed on this planet. We all hope to see you in that glorious dragon heaven. May you fly among the clouds on those dragon wings. May your spirit stay pure, and may your heart stay golden.
    -Syra a.k.a. Mark Zinsmeyer

  • Rha 'Zareil says:

    A shame, life has once more played a card that we all have little to counter with. I have never been able to meet neither Narse nor Athus. But I’ve always been watching, and while I can’t say much. I know what it is like to suddenly lose a loved one. Like many Narse, I’m sure you have every single ounce of support from me, and everyone else that you are friends with.

    -TheSilverDragon, Rha.

    Draconomicon notions: Dragons come and go with time, even for as long as they live. They come in many colors, sizes, and plenty have their own special personality. Though they don’t often intend to mate for long, those that do, and lend out that trust, create an unimaginable bond. However, time passes just the same, dragons come and go.. But they are not lost, even with as loudly, or subtly as they can go. Most end their lives with a higher purpose, and with becoming part of the earth.. a guardian to watch over us all they become.

  • Chaoswolf says:

    I did not know much about you other then what everyone knew but it is always a sad moment when a person has passed who was loved and appreciated by many. I am sorry for the loss of everyone that was close to him and hope you can remember all the good times he has brought to each of your lives. Celebrate his life, though he will be missed. <3 R.I.P Athus

  • DragonMind says:

    In the mid 90s I began a research project
    to find out whats with the Dragon phenomenon
    found all over the world. Along the way I
    discovered dragon art that led me to the furry culture. Their I found ATHUS and His work, Along with many others.
    Soon I came to realize Athus was one of
    the Best artist around and one of the oolest
    people too. He is a minor world celebrity
    and an inspiration to many.
    I just wish my financial and health issues
    would have allowed me to meet him in person,
    next time around perhaps.
    He had many friend that he didnt even know
    about, because I’m one of them.

    Cant hardly write this cause its raining
    in my eyes. Gonna miss ya dude.
    Gonna try to buck up now, but I dont know.

    May you sore upon the wings of love forever.


  • Procene says:

    I sadly never got to meet him, but he never the less made an impact, as i found his artwork very inspirational. it also makes me sad i never worked up the courage to say hello to him.

    My sincere condolences to his friends and family. And to Athus I say, rest in peace, and know that in your short time on this world you have touched the hearts and minds of countless people. you will be remembered.

  • Xenoth says:

    I loved and cared a lot about Athus Nadorian, since I met him in 2004. Although I never got to meet him personally, he introduced me to some of my now best friends and he was always like a brother to me. He was a wonderful person, both very creative and sweet. I’m very sad to see him go already, but I know his journey is far from over. I will get to see him again, in another life.

    Several years ago, Athus told me about some of his dreams and goals. He told me of how he dreamt of creating a company, where only his friends, family and closest ones would be employed, both furry and otherkin. A few years later, his dream came true and Bad Dragon came to be. I’m so happy for him that it succeeded.

    Athus was one of the people who taught me about being a dragon. We shared dreams, views, opinions and experiences and I learned a lot of who I am from him. I’m forever thankful for what he did for me.

    For the people living with or close to him, and his family, I will always be here for you.

    I miss you, brother. I hope I will see you again. Swim deep, fly high.


  • Seere says:

    There’s not much that I can say, other than I’m sorry that I stopped talking with you after I moved away. I should have kept up with you and the rest of the group after I moved, and I’m sorry that I won’t have the time now. The time we had in Montana was great though. Rest in Peace.

  • Daerevardul aka Thalos says:

    It saddens me, like many more, that I never knew you personally, and at least in this life never will, rest in peace friend of a friend, may your soul find its way, and be reborn in a way worthy of you.. I pity that I always only knew you threw your art.

  • D_Matrix0 says:

    Words cannot even come to the brink of fathoming what kind of pain that all of you, how I myself, feel about this horrible news. I’m not much for words, and Athus and I weren’t familiar friends, but his words and compliments were full hearted in retrospect…Even though I didnt know him as well as I wish I could’ve known, I could tell very easily, that he was a good-hearted soul. I know as well as any other, he will be with you and everyone through the spirit world, always beside you through your hardships and time of need. My condolences to all of you and everyone else who was affected by this unforseen, and undeserved tragedy.

    Live well for him and yourselves, he loved you all and still loves you. He will live on perhaps not in body, but in our minds, hearts, and souls.

    …Farewell, Athus.

  • Raziel Ryuki says:

    Never before has it rang so true that you truly don’t know how much you’ll miss someone until they’re gone. For those, such as myself, who never had the fortune of getting to meet this kind dragon in person and call him friend, or getting the opportunity to know him as others have…there grew a deep void in hearing the news of Athus’ passing. I refused to believe such an icon that so many looked up to could be taken from us so swiftly. Alas, we are forced to accept that he has moved on ahead of us, and remember that we all must face our own mortality one day. I didn’t get to know Athus, but that doesn’t make hearing of his loss any easier to take. I won’t waste any effort shedding a tear for a brother, but instead, put that effort forth in sharing and remembering who he was and how he lived his life.

    Narse, I’m truly sorry for your loss, and while you may not know me well enough to call me friend, I had hoped one day to earn that friendship from you and your mate. Words can only do so much to soften this kind of blow, but perhaps the sheer volume of sympathy and kindness shown across a community of countless individuals can help lift your wings in this dark period in your life. I’m sure there is little I can say or do that others haven’t done or tried for you already. For what it’s worth, you have a friend in me and I will do my best to be there for you in whatever way I can. I just wish there was more I could do.


  • Ashendra says:

    I never met you or really corresponded with you, but I sincerely hope you carry to the next life in peace, and for all the joy you brought to the world, I hope it will be a good one.

    You will always be remembered, good dragon.

  • Ssthisto says:

    Athus, I wish I’d gotten to meet you in person. I would have liked to have spoken to you more.

    You will be missed by the Dragons in the Attic.

    And my heart goes out to those who have been left behind.

  • Ettanin says:

    World is a cruel place and world took a great dragon. May you live a new and better life, and may i hope you will face a better world in your new life.

  • Ataramos says:

    I remember your smile, when you visited my roommate. You were a good soul, Athus, may you rest well and spread your wings again.

  • Frozen-EC says:

    Altho’ I’ve not mentioned this before (as nobody has really asked me about it), Athus was one of those people that got me interested in dragons and dragon art.

    I don’t know if I would have done so otherwise, maybe by time, but one thing is sure; If it would have been later, I wouldn’t be as good at drawing them as I am now.

    Athus’s tutorials helped me to get started. Drawing, sketching inking, coloring digitally, his tutorials on his own website and on deviantART helped me out a lot.
    And as time went by, I improved and he actually gave me feedback on the pictures, which I greatly appreciated.

    I hadn’t been in touch with him for about a year now, as I’ve become less active on the internet. But now, I log in to read these kind of news.
    It really saddens me and I wish all the best for the friends and family who were closer to Athus.

    Rest in peace dude, we’ll miss your kindness, smiles, laughs, art and everything else we liked about you.

    Best regards;
    Sami Mäkäräinen, aka Frozen-EC / DonCoon

  • Mike Blackwold says:

    Rest in peace
    Best wishes to those left behind

  • Altoryu says:

    While I never knew you personally Athus, its true living half a world away. But the pain in which was cause by your death is no less lessened.

    I hope you find peace in the next life and hope that you are flying high as a dragon as you so much saw yourself Athus.

    R.I.P Athus
    You will be missed by all

  • Dergor says:

    my speak is french sorry!

    bye bye athus je le connait pas dans la vrai vie et ni sur le web mais vue que cest un dragon bien alord cest comme un frere disparue pour moi les dragon cest tous des frere est je dit good bye brother … et reponse en paix

  • Aquadragon Larsen says:


    I only had the pleasure of meeting you during that glasgow furmeet when me, you & Varka and others saw ‘Shrek Forever After’ together & even then that time was brief I wish I could’ve got to know you more once I was able to afford to go to conventions but alas that will never be ;.=.;

    As a fellow seadragon and Iam sure every other fur & dragon feel the same way the world will never be the same without you & you will be sorely missed, may you fly true and proud amoungst all the un-imaginative up there

    With condolences to family & especially Narse

    Much Love

    ~ Aqua~

  • TheSonicLink says:

    It’s such an unfortunate loss of life, and at such a young age also.

    Rest in peace, and have a long and happy life in the afterlife. I’ll miss you. <3

  • Soren Hikaru says:

    While you were not known to me in life,I felt as though your actions through others were made. My boyfriend felt like you were his mentor in a way. It helped him understand what he was; and in a way it also helped me understand what I was as well. We are proud to be Dragonkin. I really wish I could have said thank you then;but I shall say it now: Thank you again.

    I always felt this benevolent aura coming from you; that you were a friend to many willing to aid your wing to anyone. Rest in Peace Athus,and May the winds of the afterlife carry safely to Paradise.


  • Sebba Silverlake says:

    Goodness… I can’t say that I’d ever had the pleasure of meeting you, but seeing the great things all these people have to say about you, I really wish I did while I still had the chance.

    Though I didn’t know you personally, hearing of the passing of a phenominal character like you drives nails into my heart. You were obviously loved and adored by many, and it hurts to have to see you leave it behind so soon. But you will be remembered as you were, and I know that everybody here and everybody to come after me will hold a special place in their hearts just for you. I hope you’re doing well up there.

    Best regards and sincere condolences,

  • Risvu says:


    I never even knew you until about 30 minutes ago, but you touched me in a way no one ever has in a long time. From what I can see you were an amazing and great sea dragon. It’s interesting that you touched me so much that I felt an amazing level of peace as an emotional dam I have been holding broke when learning of you. You have obviously managed to touch someone you never even met from beyond and that proves to me that you were a very great dragon. Rest in peace and always fly free my friend, maybe I will get to know you in the beyond. Watch over your loved ones with care and shelter them with your wings when they need comfort. Fly free my friend.

  • Skavi says:

    I’ve never known Athus personally, I only knew of him. Nevertheless, it’s very saddening news; he meant an awful lot to so many other people that it’s hard not to feel for them in this dark hour. My deepest condolences.

    Such things happen every day. Somewhere someone loses a loved one as a result of a tragic coincidence. It is a cliche thing to say, but one ought to live every day as if it were the last day of their lives. Carpe diem.

    Rest in peace.

  • Daedian says:

    Though I may not have known you. I kinda wanted to. the talk about him and how known he was he seem so great a guy. Though he may not be with us now, we all know he will be in our minds and hearts.

    May you rest in peace, assured we all car e, love and think about you long on.

    with tears, love and Happiness


  • CypheR says:

    You will be greatly missed. You were one the main artists that inspired me to create my own art work. I never got the chance to tell you this, and I will always regret that I never did.

    The world seems a whole lot duller now that your shining scales aren’t in it any more. May you Rest in Peace.

  • Tieldraggy says:

    Athus, I met you barely a handfull of times, through sketcher or various comments but i considermyself lucky even for that, You’re one of my favourite artists and When I was starting out on FA you were a huge inspiration and an idol to me. I have allways regreted not asking for your contact when I had the chance, naturally i was intimidated and baffled by the amazing picture you drew of me back then, which I will place in my gallery, with pride of place because it’s one of my fondest memorys from the fandom.
    maybee our tails will cross paths oneday and I wont be as shy.

    To the friends and mate of Athus:
    While I didnt know athus well personally I know some who did and as allways my arms are open for a hug and my ears are willing for those who need them.
    Wish you a speedy recovery Narse

  • Shavii Backlash says:

    Athus, we will always have tron and outback steak house. Wish i had more memories. Watch over the world buddy. And fly on my friend.

  • nanakisan says:

    I knew him only as a wonderful person.
    Its sad he is gone and it had to happen in such a horrible way.

  • Liddy says:

    I did not know you personally, but you were a brother in living this life, and that’s all the reason I need to mourn your passing and celebrate your life. My sympathies to all your loved ones, but I am sure the memories you left them with will stay with them for the rest of their lives, reminding them of what a special person you were.

    May your soul and energy pass on to all living things so we can always have you around.

  • Syndrixyl says:

    I never knew him, But I grew up with his influence, From what I read and saw he was a great soul, and kind.

    My heart really does go out to him and his family and friends, I wish somehow I could have stopped what happened, or helped in some way..

    I hope Narse is strong though this all..

    RIP Athus..

    All we can do now is prey and remember him..

  • Fawks Silvarin says:

    I didn’t know Athus, or Narse for that matter. For whatever reason this news yesterday really made me think though… Life is precious. Time is even more so. It’s fleeting. It goes by quick when you’re having fun, and when you’re with the one you love it can seem to go by unfairly fast at times. You have to cherish every moment that comes by, cause you never know what life will throw at you. So in some way this event has made me appreciate my mate even more.

    Although time is fleeting, the spirit is timeless. It will continue. So continue loving, laughing and enjoying ass all that you can, because when your time comes, your spirits will be together again.

  • Ember says:

    I hope that you’re happy, wherever you are. <3

  • Kitara Cydonis says:


    when my friend gave me the devasteting news my heart sank you were probably one hell of a person to know from all the great things ive heard but everyone is always thinking of you and your up there now with some other amazing people we hold our glasses up to you to remember you forever you will be greatly missed by all

  • Charlie Church says:

    I have no words to honor such a dragon as he was but I have a song I want to share.

  • Dexter says:

    We have known each other for a while, the fact of you gone, is just shocking to say the least. What a great mind gone. As an atheist, I know you are dead, you can not hear me. But I know your friends and family can, to this I am speaking to. I join you in your mourning. what a sad day, this Oct 11th.

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