Friends & family of Athus Nadorian aka Brian Dyer

Friends & family of Athus Nadorian aka Brian Dyer,

On Tuesday the 11th of October 2011, Athus was involved in a severe car collision that ended his time here with us. The 29 years of his life were filled with amazing stories, incredible adventures and outstanding creativity and talent. He shared his love of life, affection for others and sense of humor with many wonderful people.

In memory of Athus and his special life, his closest kin have created this site for others to share their experiences with Athus as well as share photos and artwork. An email address has been established to send your wishes in to be posted on this site [email protected]

Thank you for your kind words, love and support through all of this. Remember to love life, hold your friends close and have a little fun – Athus wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

-Friends and Family

We have established a Paypal donation button below for those who wish to donate to Narse and Sarmy’s medical expenses, and Athus’s final expenses. Thank you.

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  • Arc Nova (Kevin Young) says:


    I wish these words to you weren’t the last. I wish I’d had time to get to know you better. To hear more about your life and your adventures.

    Goodbye, my friend. You will be deeply missed. And you will never be forgotten.

  • Rayne says:

    I knew him for a little over three years and in that time did not get to know him as I should have. Now I will never get the chance and this saddens me more then anything. He was a wonderful man with drive and a lingering kindness that stuck with you.

    Your spirit is free may your next life be a wonderful one.

  • Rex says:

    Rest In Peace Athus, your memory and your spirit will live on through the ages, loved by many, inspired many, cherished by many, may you live on and on in the hearts of those youv touched. My heart goes to you, your family and friends. Please, Rest In Peace.

  • Kurtoric says:

    I will start by saying I didn’t know Brian personaly like some but I felt it was best I pay my respects. I send my regaurds to all who knew him.

    RIP Brian you will be missed deeply.

  • Sage Galo says:

    We only talked a few times since I’ve known yu… it’s such a shock. God always takes the good ones so early. I know you’re in eternal happiness and looking down on everyone.


  • Narune says:

    To the person who inspired me to explore my true nature, to always reach farther to the stars, to dive deep into the oceans of life, please rest in peace Athus. You will always be loved.

  • cuteEevee says:

    My condolence for your loss.

  • Sideromelane says:

    Luck and happiness in the next world.

  • Exias says:

    I knew you from your interest in my music on FA, but never had the chance to really get to know you. I never got to say this, and in hopes this reaches you in the next life, you were a huge inspiration to me. Rest in peace fellow dragon; I will see you again someday, that I promise. You and your family shall be in my prayers.

  • Kasa says:

    A life tragically taken too soon. Rest in peace Athus, to your friends and family i can only offer my sincere best wishes, and that all of us will be thinking of you at this truly sad time

  • Aeraldi says:

    I wish I had known you before. Your artwork was amazing and I wish I had gotten to know you because the level of devotion that your friends have towards you speaks volumes.
    So even if you can’t read this, I know you’ll hear my prayer.

  • Mercy says:

    I never really got the chance to know you as well as I wanted to, Athus. You always approached me with a smile and an inherent curiosity that made me feel so welcome around you and the rest of the gang – even when I was fanboyishly oogling your artwork and skill with a tablet. I want to regret not having talked with you more in person the few times we had the opportunity, but I will instead hold onto those memories of your smile and laughter for a long time to come. You’ll be fondly thought of by us, in and out of draconic company, and never forgotten.

    Thank you for the time you spent with us, and the best wishes and sincerest love to those who have yet to join you on your journey.

  • TheForgottenWolf says:

    Do not be sad, He truly is in a better place now. Those who were loved by him, Rest easy, As you will see him again some day. This is not the end.

  • Doran Eirok says:

    I’m saddened that I never had the opportunity to know Athus personally. I only knew of him distantly, mainly through his artwork and the knowledge that we were both part of a special community. From all that is being said of him it is clear that he brought a great deal of warmth and light into the lives of those who knew him. He will be missed, and he will be remembered.

    To all his loved ones, I am so deeply sorry for your loss.

  • Lucky Coyote says:

    In the time that I knew you, you have showed me nothing but kindness, grace, excitement, inspiration, and laughter. You were always so excited to share joy with those around you, no matter who. You are such a wonderful and warm-hearted person.

    I hope the waters are warm and comforting where you are. May your new journey take you to places to fill more hearts with joy like you did here. You will be missed.

    To Athus’s family and brothers, with a heavy heart I give my condolences and I will keep you all in my thoughts through this hard time.

    Reace in peace Athus.

  • Sang says:

    I did not know Athus, but I extend my heart to his friends and family. Rest in peace fellow dragon.

  • Knightwind Fighter says:

    May you find your wings in heaven.

  • Vendra says:

    The time that I spent talking with you at cons was far to brief. The kindness that you showed me was a wonderful thing. Your time with us was far to short. I wish your loved ones nothing but a best in this very difficult time.

  • J.T. Williams says:

    Life’s a long song.

    But the tune ends too soon for us all.

  • Noxy (Noxal) says:

    Many years ago, roughly around 2001, I first got an Internet capable PC in the house. It wasn’t long after that that I discovered I soon became an otherkin dragon, and despite the fact that I now reject the ideas of a soul or reincarnation as silly unfounded things, I still have a great many friends that I’ve been talking to ever since.
    Athus was one of the people I sort of knew from the site. I never really talked to him myself, but he was always around, and all of my friends knew him.
    Back in 2006, him and his four roommates were moving east, from Montana to Massachusetts. It just so happened they were passing by Milwaukee, my hometown. My roommate and I offered them some crash space for the weekend while they passed through.
    It was a blast! I took them to Safe House (a Milwaukee must-see), the art museum, an awesome Chinese place, and I”m sure a few other places I can’t remember. We watched some movies and hung out and just had a good time.
    The last time I ever spoke with Athus was him messaging me while I was at rock bottom recovering from a breakup. Just out of the blue, he offered his support and encouragement. I remember it meant a lot to me at the time.

    As I said above, there are a lot of dragonkin people that I’ve known forever, and Athus was a dear friend to a great many of these friends of mine. While I don’t feel much loss, since I didn’t really get a chance to get to know the guy on a deeper level, I truly feel for all those he’s left behind. They will surely miss him.

    Athus will surely live on in the minds and memories of those who loved him most.

    Rest in peace, dude.

  • Fuzzy-D says:

    Met you only twice in my life, and even in those brief times left a strong wonderful impression.

    You will never be forgotten, and will live on in all our memories.

  • Devin says:

    My deepest condolences to the family and those who loved and cared deeply for Athus (Brian).

    While we never met, losing someone in this small community is like losing a piece of your family.

    Seeing everyone who has written, you will not be forgotten by many.

    All the best to his family and loved ones in this time of grieving and may your days get brighter as you pass through this dark tunnel.

  • Keystone says:

    My… this was the last thing I would have expected. Athus.. so young, too young to depart.

    I knew Athus and did talk to him rather frequently online, quite a few years ago before losing contact. Any of you that knew him as a friend or family knew that he was kind and loving, and just nice to talk to. I miss my old friend, and perhaps one day again after this world, there may be time to reacquaint. I pray the best for all of you during all this; he had many that cared for him a lot, those I’m sure shall carry that fondness for years to come.

    Be well, wherever you are, Athus…

  • Dan says:

    Réquiem ætérnam dona eis Dómine; et lux perpétua lúceat eis. Requiéscant in pace. Amen.

    Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord; and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace

  • Achaios says:

    Um, I really dont have too much to say.. I mean, I knew Athus for a short time.. but I have to say, he was one of the nicest people I have ever met, had a very good heart, and was a even better friend.. He was one of the few that I have found to seem really interested in me for who I am, and what I am.. I just hope some time, maybe in the next life, afterlife, spirit world, whatever it is.. I can run into him again.. Thank you Athus, for everything.. I miss you already man..

  • Syrinoth says:

    I have so many wonderful memories with you I don’t even know where to start. Everything from silly antics to those long afternoons where we just sat back and talked the hours away, to pulling out our sketchbooks and geeking about art while drawing dragons. Nothing but good times with you.

    You were always an inspiration to be around; friendly, welcoming, and just beaming with positive energy. In all the years I’ve known you there’s never been a moment I’ve seen when you weren’t smiling about something. You were always looking to the positive of things.

    I cherish the times I got to spend in your company and the memories from them. I’m very glad I got to know you. Thank you for your friendship and for being such an amazing inspiration.

    You keep flying strong, keep riding the currents, the rest of us will catch up eventually and more good times will be had!

  • Modem says:

    We only met during the briefest of times, but now I felt like I have truly missed out on something wonderful. The love that was left by your biggest of hearts shines through in these hard times. You will be missed by many, and continue to live through the memories of you.

    RIP Athus. May your creative spirit paint the skies the brightest of blues

  • dragoburnhard says:

    athus is a awesome guy
    i talked to athus years ago he drew me a speshal picture for me out of kindness
    then i commishioned him for 3 other bits of art work
    all awesome
    i hope his spirit is in peace

  • Azusis says:

    You were a friend to many people, and you were taken from us too soon.

    I regret never having the courage to chirp hello. Now I am forced to croon goodbye. Be at peace, Athus.

  • Hype says:

    Rest in peace Athus. We will carry on your memory.

  • Vince Winter says:

    Even though he walks through the valley of the shadow of death, he will fear no evil, for he is with god, may his soul find eternal slumber. i may not have known this person but a loss in the family of anthros is a loss for us all. i hope he finds his eternal peace in heaven- God Speed

  • FXRenamon says:

    I barely new Athus (Brian)… But… I feel that he would welcome this one poem because he will live on in the hearts of those whose lives he touched… We’ll miss you.

    I Am Not There

    Do not stand at my grave and weep;
    I am not there. I do not sleep.

    I am a thousand winds that blow.
    I am the diamond glint on snow.
    I am the sun on ripened grain.
    I am the gentle Autumn rain.

    When you awake in the morning hush,
    I am the swift, uplifting rush
    Of quiet birds in circling flight.
    I am the soft starlight at night.

    Do not stand at my grave and cry;
    I am not there. I did not die.

  • James H. (aka: Angry-Raptor) says:

    Dear Athus:

    Even though our paths have never crossed and I can only ask, that if they did, would we have become friends? Acquaintances? Or even enemies? Such questions rush through my mind as I write. You do not know me, Athus, I am a complete stranger to you as you are to me. The only thing I know of we did have in common was a website in which we both were members of. Even though this is true, it does not deter the fact that I sit in front of my computer this night with a heavy heart and tear-filled eyes as I think about those who have known you either online or in person, who you leave behind far too soon.

    Even though, Athus, we have never laughed together, fought with each other or joked together, I can only hope that you live on in the memories of those who you have gotten to know, love and share with and that such memories will bring people solace when they need a beacon of light to guide them through life’s many cruel and difficult obstacles.

    Rest well, dear Athus. Rest well.

    ~ Jim H.

  • GuardianDragon says:

    *hugs Narse* I a sorry for the lost

  • Dyluck says:

    Athus probably didn’t know who I am, but if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be who I am today. He has inspired many of us in ways that, surely, he did not know. He will truly be missed.

  • shabec says:

    I myself only knew Anthus from his art and am very saddened I never made the effort to get to know him better I to am a otherkin after finding and I wish Anthus a happy second life

    My condolences to all his friends and family in this hard time

  • Ryuu says:

    A star in loving memory of Athus is the Draco Constellation.

  • JesseR. says:

    You have my condolences.

  • Trigger (nyar) says:

    I never knew the person, but reading the journals and seeing this made me burst into tears. All I can do is offer my prayers and hopes for the better, that he may live on in the hearts of everyone he left an impact on. Prayers for him and for all of you.

  • Drakkar Lightbrad says:

    i remember i awakened to being dragonkin thanks to reading your “about me” page

    you were and you will always be my favorite artist Athus, how much i wished i could have met you…now i never will, i always looked up at you like a student looks up to his teacher

    even if you didn’t know me…i will always miss you

  • Kenn says:

    Athus you have touched so many lives with your art, your words and your friendship many of whom you have never known. I salute you sir, may you rest soundly and keep an eye on us all, farewell dear friend.

  • Alexander Landry says:

    Sad to see him go. Here’s hoping for the best of absolutely everything he touched. Much love.

  • Truth says:

    We are each given a certain amount of time on Earth before we pass on, so our goal, in this wondrous, never-ending, beautiful, thrilling game we call ‘Life’, is to make a big of an impression as we possibly can before we pass. Be it on culture or people, as long as it was positive, you can say you won.

    Athus Nadorian, Brian Dyer, while I never met you, I truly believe you won this game of ‘Life’.

    Requiescat in Pace.

  • Eternal Undeath says:

    Though they were few and far between, I miss our Steam chats man.
    I hope wherever you are, they have tablets from the year 2650 and photoshop version 57. Inspire us, my friend.

  • Sturmfeder says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this. My bests wishes go to wherever you are now and your family.

    Wind to your wings


  • Psudoguana says:

    Athus, I did not talk to you frequently, but we knew each other through random comments and occasional nudges in each others direction.
    You are finally at rest and while the world still turns, seasons change, stars appear and disappear. Friends and Family will not forget your memory wherever they shall go in life, you will live on in the hearts of those that knew you for all eternity.
    Spread your wings and go with god, you are free of this world.

    To the Family of Brian, my condolences go to you on account of this sudden and terrible accident. I can’t say I knew him well, but he was a good person with a kind nature and a heart of gold. He will be missed


  • Etath says:


    thank you for all that you have done for me and so many others. It was a while since we talked, and I truly regret now that I did not try to do more to reconnect with you. You were one of those people who frequently was on my mind, and who I missed to talk to.

    You will be truly missed. May your spirit’s continued journey be a good one.


  • Tempus Draconis says:

    I did not know him, but I offer my warmest and sincerest feelings and kindness to his friends and family and loved ones, and to all others connected to him here and everywhere.

  • TheUnsungHero Camlio (Cody Fortner) says:

    Ode to the Unsung.
    There are those who have had time in the sun, those who were worshiped and have had their fun.
    Then there are those who are set adrift, floating away in a forgotten rift.
    We are they who cannot abide this crime, for those long forgotten now is their time.
    The hero ignored and forgotten within times endless doors, so remember them now because this fate might be yours.
    I wrote this poem when my mother passed and now I share it with your spirit so that it may ease your passing.
    May the almighty grant you rest in the next world. *Bows head with hat in hand*

  • A dragon is never forgotten. Your spirit will live on in the hearts of those you touched and held during your life. Your essence will stay forever and spread through the people you knew.

    We never got to know each other Athus, but I hope your flight is a beautiful one.

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