Friends & family of Athus Nadorian aka Brian Dyer

Friends & family of Athus Nadorian aka Brian Dyer,

On Tuesday the 11th of October 2011, Athus was involved in a severe car collision that ended his time here with us. The 29 years of his life were filled with amazing stories, incredible adventures and outstanding creativity and talent. He shared his love of life, affection for others and sense of humor with many wonderful people.

In memory of Athus and his special life, his closest kin have created this site for others to share their experiences with Athus as well as share photos and artwork. An email address has been established to send your wishes in to be posted on this site [email protected]

Thank you for your kind words, love and support through all of this. Remember to love life, hold your friends close and have a little fun – Athus wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

-Friends and Family

We have established a Paypal donation button below for those who wish to donate to Narse and Sarmy’s medical expenses, and Athus’s final expenses. Thank you.

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  • Kyrik says:


    I wish I myself had been given the opportunity to get to know you more. Despite having never met you face to face, I could see, feel, that you had a warm, inviting presence – the kind of personality that would positively glow with life.

    Though the ocean has called you home, those you leave behind will always cherish the smiles, the love, and the radiance that your bright, unique soul shared with everyone who knew you, who were blessed to have you in their lives.

    Fly the skies high, swim the seas freely, Athus. You’ve a place in eternity.


  • Vince Volpyne says:

    Athus, I may never have known you personally, but for the last six years you’ve been one of my favorite artists, and the first of two who helped me improve my own drawing skill. I don’t think I’d be the person I am today without your influence.
    It saddens me greatly to hear of your untimely passing, and my heartfelt condolences go out to your loved ones. I know you’ll be waiting for them in the afterlife.
    Meanwhile, on Earth, you’ll not be forgotten. Your art has inspired many others, and your life experiences have touched everyone you’ve come into contact with. You have truly lived.
    You will be missed.

    Forever yours,
    Vince Volpyne

  • Charlie Foxleigh says:

    I have always heard of Athus and wished to one day meet him, knowing that many of my friends down here have already done so. I may even have met him before at some point but don’t even remember when that could’ve happened.

    But now I’ll never get that chance and I can only imagine the feelings I might be feeling had I met him and got to know him in person. I do feel sadness that he is gone but I never met him and now I never will. I can only wish for the well being of those that did know Athus and hope that they are going to be alright after this tragedy.

    Please be okay and know that I wish the best for everyone that did get the chance to be friends with him.

  • Ries Seraphim Gramande says:

    Throughout life I have had heartbreak after heartbreak, though the feeling and loss right now feels greater than any of that…

    Knowing you helped me better know me, being close to you, and our other dear kin. You will be missed, greatly so, though never forgotten. Nor shall those of us whom love you let it fade. You will never be just a memory, but a far greater feeling deep within.

    May your wings carry you to heights we can not see, Athus Nadorian…

  • Feline Leukemia says:

    I didn’t know Athus, though I did see his art from time to time and was watching him and his mate Narse. He was truly talented and special.

    I am truly sorry for the loss of Athus to his friends, family, and loved ones. It is never easy when a life is cut short — young or old.

    Remember him fondly and never let his light leave your hearts–He will always be with you.

  • Jellikal says:

    What a shock when one dies so young and so suddenly. He was dependable and fun loving. Cared about his friends enough to tell them the hard truth when needed. There is never any reason or rhyme.

    My thoughts will be with his friends and family as they struggle through this hard time. Remember the good times and he will always be with you.

    Hugs from GA – I am sooo sorry


  • Kartonis says:


    There are no words that could do justice to the vibrancy and joy you brought to the world. I owe much of who I am to you…from the loving acceptance of kin, to the shoulder of a friend and brother. If there’s anything I want you to know more than anything else, it’s “thank you”.

    May the winds carry you well, and may we meet again one day in the sky.


  • LB says:

    I hadn’t heard of Athus until I heard the news, but it’s clear to see how much he meant to everyone who had the opportunity to know him. It’s always incredibly sad when something terrible like this happens, especially at such a young age.

    Although I didn’t know him personally, I know that many in the furry community have had their lives changed for the better for knowing him.

    My condolences to his friends and family, and everybody else who was affected or inspired by him in some way.

    R.I.P, Athus. You will be missed by many.

  • Vishnitedragon says:

    Do not stand at my grave and weep
    I am not there. I do not sleep.

    I am a thousand winds that blow.
    I am the diamond glints on snow.

    I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
    I am the gentle autumn rain.

    When you awaken in the morning’s hush
    I am the swift uplifting rush

    Of quiet birds in circled flight.
    I am the soft stars that shine at night.

    Do not stand at my grave and cry;
    I am not there. I did not die. – Mary E. Frye

    R.I.P. Athus.

    May you live forever within us.

    – Trife

  • Raemuz says:

    Of all the money e’er I had,
    I spent it in good company.
    And all the harm I’ve ever done,
    Alas! it was to none but me.
    And all I’ve done for want of wit
    To mem’ry now I can’t recall
    So fill to me the parting glass
    Good night and joy be with you all.

    Oh, all the comrades e’er I had,
    They’re sorry for my going away,
    And all the sweethearts e’er I had,
    They’d wish me one more day to stay,
    But since it falls unto my lot,
    That I should rise and you should not,
    I gently rise and softly call,
    Good night and joy be with you all.

    You will be missed, Athus. Rest easy.

  • Rykoo says:

    Athus… i never fully got to know you.. and i always wanted to. You were an inspiration to me. One of the best, and very first dragonic artists i had ever seen. Ive only talked to you a few times but… i really looked up to you and i really hope that youre enjoying yourself up there. After mourning for the sorrow of all the people that loved you or admired you, from someone as little as me, to someone as close and huge as Narse… we will All miss you with all of our hearts and i hope that one day in the future i do get the chance to meet you but face to face of a dragon to a dragon.

    You will be… forever missed and never forgotten.

    R.I.P. Athus Nadorian

  • Eyrich says:

    I didn’t know him, I don’t even know anyone who knows him that well…. but I can’t help but feel sorrow. My deepest feelings go out to his family and his mate whom I only have come to know through an alias and his work.

  • Proxer says:

    F***ing damnit…
    I barely knew you, worked with you, but never actually met you.
    I’m so sorry that I won’t get the chance.

  • Sean says:

    even though I didn’t know you. It is sad that you died so young. You made lots of friends on FA. And from what I have read, you were a great person. Hope the afterlife treats you nicely

  • Sohjin says:

    I still always and will forever remember some of the crazy things we did. Especially that one day when I walked in on you and scared that one dude away.. Those were good times Athus.

    Each and every memory I have of you and everybody in the ‘ol group.. Good times.

    I’ll never forget them, my man. I’ll see you one last time before you’re final departure in the Sea, where you can ride the currents with those you love the most. Every time I drive there now, your memories will first and foremost be there infront of everything.

    It was good knowning you in life Athus, and it will be good knowing you beyond life, where you can stretch your wings and enjoy the fruits of all the good you brought to us. We’ll all be there soon enough, so we can have those crazy times once more and laugh about the good days.


  • Carlos / Carcar says:

    Athus, it was an honor getting to talk with you at AC 2011. You inspired many people with your talents and your kindness. My prayers and thoughts are with Narse, your friends and your family.

    Rest in peace Athus, you will be missed.

    ~ Carlos

  • Gavinfoxx says:

    I didn’t know him really well — we had some chats on IM, mostly, we joked a bit, talked about art. He seemed really funny and absolutely loving and adorable. I loved his art, too! I’m just sad we never really connected… now we wont be able to.

  • Jackson Husky says:

    On behalf of both myself and my wonderful partner Lillica, we send our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Athus. He was a wonderful person to be around, always full of life and willing to help others. We are both saddened you could not spend more time in this mortal realm Athus, but we shall meet again in the next. You are forever apart of our lives, we will never forget you and will remember you always. Rest well and may you be at peace for eternity.


    Jackson & Lillica

  • Suntattoowolf says:

    I didn’t know Athus, but I do know he had great talents. It is sad to see him go. His physical body is no longer with us, but his spirit (energy) still lives and will not die. I hope he becomes a form that describes his great talents.

    I shall be lighting a candle and a prayer for ya.

  • Kaerou says:

    Athus… my brother. I loved you so much.. I am at a loss for words.

    I always wanted to meet you face to face… ever since we met each other and shared our spiritual growth over the years as we grew and discovered more of our draconity.. our discoveries and thoughts.

    We became a family. You became my brother. I don’t know what to do anymore.. I always held a goal.. a dream of coming to see you one day. We shared dreams and smiled at the thought of all living together as one big family.

    I’ll hold on to those dreams.. maybe not in this life.. maybe we will all live together as one big family in another draconic life.

    I love you bro.

  • M-P-L says:

    You were of great talent, and one of the few I first saw as an artist, when I became one myself. Thank you.

    RIP ~ Athus

  • Schiffer42 says:

    I may not have known the man, but I regret having never had the chance. My heart goes out to him, his friends, and his family. I really wish I had more to say on the matter, but at the very least I offer my support. He will be missed, and forever love in this life and whatever afterlife is in store for him.

  • Ausfer says:

    I was a friend of Athus. I met him through Narse, and we talked quite a few times. I am truely shocked at this news and am at a loss for words right now.

    I was working on a very personal story for him. I’ve already put probably 60-70 hours worth of work into this story already, and I spent long hours getting to know Athus so I could tailor the story to be something that he’d deeply enjoy. It was going to be a surprise gift between me and Narse. Athus never even knew about it. I never even got to finish it….

    And now he’s gone…..

    I’m sorry, Athus.

  • Brian is the reason why I’m a writer. His works touched me on a personal level and inspired me to strive to create worlds as beautiful and vivid of his. I first saw his artwork almost a decade ago, back on the dolphindreams website, and from that moment I became a different person. Brian is the inspiration for me and likely dozens of other artists and writers. We are here because of him.

    The news shook me and hurt me deeply. Athus was always a very busy guy and he and I never really got to speak much, but I cherish everything he and I shared. I have so much respect and admiration for the man. I miss him so much. I can’t even really put it into words how devastated I feel.

    He touched all of us. We’re all here because Brian affected us, for the better, in some way. When he was taken from us far too soon a part of us all died on that day too, and there’s nobody else in the world who can fill that Athus-shaped hole. He took something when he left, but in its place he left something greater. His legacy and life still vibrantly lives inside of everybody here, and it always will as Brian will forever be in our hearts and dreams.

    Rest in peace.

  • Glenn says:

    In the time i’ve gotten to know you, i felt like we immediately connected. Hanging out with you was ALWAYS a blast, whether it was at cons or visiting you and the gang in Phoenix.

    You always had a smile, and positive things to say. I did and still do consider you a good friend. I know you’re in a better place now.

    i will miss you so much, Athus.

  • Darius Koopa says:

    Damn…He was a Sweetheart. I was glad to have met him. Im really sorry to see he is gone.. I hope he will find peace and love in the afterlife, and I do wish his family, friends, and Significant other My deepest condolences, and I hope they can bare through this awful time. May he Rest in peace.

    Fellow Dragon
    Fellow Friend
    Fellow Family

    -Darius Koopa

  • Ryuu says:

    Dear Athus,

    Though I never had the honour to meet you in real life I still felt your love and cared for you from a far. You have helped me spiritually and have helped me find myself when things seemed lost.

    I’ll never forget the things we have talked about and spent countless times fantasising about the future. I’ll never forget the close feeling or security of love you gave to me and those around you.

    It has been an honour knowing you and being able to spend time with you.

    I hope your travels are over endless skies with your wings spread wide.

    With lots of love,


  • Vash Dragon (Eric) says:

    Athus was one of the great inspirations that originally got me into drawing. As time went on i strived harder to draw as well as him and i always love his art. I truly wish i had gotten to know him better. I had so many opportunities to, now wasted. Not being a better friend and never getting a chance to meet him is going to be one of the biggest regrets of my life.

  • Kamunt says:

    I never knew you Athus, Brian, but I know many people who know him. I’m terribly sorry for the loss in such a tragic manner… I don’t know if I have any words to adequately describe the heartache I feel right now, and for someone I didn’t even know. My sincerest condolences to all his loved ones.
    Rest in peace, Brian Dyer.

    –Joey D.

  • P-Chan says:

    I feel I didn’t get to know Athus well enough. In the little time I was in his presence he made an impression that will last forever. He was a very unique individual and without him the world is a little bit dimmer. I hope he is at peace in his departure. He will be missed.

  • On behalf of me and my dragon spirit, Andreas we both would like to offer our deepest sympathies to Athus’s friends and family. In your absence may we live on with the lessons and memories you left for us. Though your body is gone, you can never die as your memory will live on in the hearts of all the people who knew you.

    May your spirit live on; Rest well Dragon of the Sea.

    “Being dead is easy, dying however is next to impossible to accomplish” ~ Andreas.

  • Shikaro says:

    oh man this is incredibly sad and shocking. i did not know this happened until now
    RIP athus, while i may not have talked with you [which would have been such a great honour] i always thought you were such an amazing person, and an amazing, caring artist

    hope you have a good rest

  • Angelic Foxcat says:


    Although I only knew of you through word of mouth, and never had been in prolonged contact with you, I wish you well in the next.

    To the friends and family of Athus, I send my condolences at this untimely demise. Athus was highly regarded to everyone, and his work will live on with everyone.

    May you find eternal happines, Athus.


  • i just got home and got this news…. it sent a shiver up my spine when i found out he was dead, he was the greatest artist, in my opinion, their was. he was also friendly, he accualy returned my messages, when i sent them to him. his art is amazing, and now he’s gone, he will be missed by many. i regret greatly i never got to meet him in person, like i had planed when i go to AC 2012. guse i’ll have to wait a little longer…
    r.i.p. Athus.

  • Iggy says:

    This goes to remind us how fragile life is, reminds us all to hold our loved ones close. Our love never stops though as souls are eternal and the love of families and friends are forever cherished.

    It’s sad to see someone leave their physical being, but know that he continues to be with us in spirit and in the hearts of those who showed love and friendship making his life a wonder. I personally only knew him from my first con back in 2010, didnt even know who he was yet he treated us as long time friends. Its a rare quality these days and know that you will be missed dearly but know you will never be forgotten.

    To the family my heart and respect go to you, to the friends, never forget what he brought you, and never, ever forget.

  • Bakel says:


    It’s weird to think that you are gone now, and I can’t just call you to talk about all this stuff that’s going on since you’ve left. I caught myself wanting to pick up the phone and talk a few times already.

    We got to know each other really well over the past year. I’m sorry we drifted apart so long ago, but it was fun meeting each other again. I’m sorry we didn’t get more time though.

    I’m really glad we had two cons together, and a couple visits to the other’s house. I’m glad I got to watch you draw, and show you some of how I work too. It was an honor to know someone as special as you.

    It’s strange to see all these people that you don’t even know, who barely knew you, coming out and saying how you improved their life. It just goes to show how uplifting a person you really were. I wish they could have gotten to know you while you were alive.

    You’ll be missed, Athus. If there is anything after this life, I’ll see you again.


  • Scarith says:

    To all that knew, and did not know Athus, I am sorry for your loss, and wish you all the greatest lives to be had. To Athus, may your heart always shine bright, your spirit find its way to where it needs to go, and may you never be without the warmth of love of all of us. I wish you peace, prosperity, wholeness, happyness, and all of our love fellow dragon. We will all be with you, always.


  • Rex says:

    I loved Athus and his work, the way he drew was just…, really, the level he was at was amazing, i loved his work and wish i could have gotten to know him.

    Rest in Peace Athus, though you may not be with us we will keep your love strong, i pray that you find your place in heaven. Again, Rest In Peace Athus, A.K.A Brian Dyer.

  • Xasanath says:

    I didn’t know Athus, but my heart and best wishes go out to those he left behind.

  • Dark Dragon says:

    You will be missed very much.. I only met you at AC 2011, but it was a great time nonetheless.. Thank you..

  • DharSii says:

    Never did talk to ya Athus, but I do know I will miss ya and so will many others, rest in peace. And many prayers for your closest friends and your family.

  • Scott says:

    The best are taken from us too early. You will be missed by many, so come back to us soon.

  • bgyoshi says:

    Miss you to pieces, Athus. You were always a wonderful person to hang out with at FC, and it will never be the same without you. I’ll always remember your voice and your smiling face and the joy you brought to every conversation. I’ll always remember chatting through the registration line and sitting around in the coffee shop with you.

    Rest in peace.

  • Jon says:

    Awe… poor guy… 🙁 I bet he was a very great person that touched a lot of furs lives, and whatever happened, shouldnt have never happened, but its life, shit will be thrown at us unexpected.. But rest in peace buddy, everyone will miss you, including me, even though i havent met you before nor seen your stuff, but to me, hes is an inspiration, also i give out prayers to narse, his family and friends, along with athus’s family and friends.

  • Zye says:

    …This was quite a shock to hear. I only got to see you once in person. My condolences to your family, friends, and loved ones. Your gentle nature will be missed sorely by many..

    Narse, i can only imagine what you’re going through right now. Be strong. He may linger for you spiritually, i know you two were very close. If you ever need to talk or just lean on someone, i’m available, but i’m sure you have those that are more qualified for that around you. {= [ *wing-squeezes*

    I’m at a loss as to what else to say..

  • Atem Levy says:

    R.I.P Athus I didn’t know you, but as a fellow fur i thought id pay my respects. It’s always sad to see someone go before their time. You will be missed. <3

  • drafan5 says:

    Rest in Peace. You will be missed.

  • Saivius says:

    Rest in Peace Athus. May the next life show to you soon.

  • ScyStorm says:

    RIP Athus. I’m sorry I never got to know you. You seemed like a nice guy.

  • Cobalt says:

    “Death is to remind us that we are only human” -Anonymous

    … It just goes to show, it happens to everyone. Living a good life is optional, dying is mandatory, R.I.P man, I never really knew you or your art… although, I don’t really think getting to know you is any much of an option now. But from what people have said, you’re a good person, and I think you’re memory will last for a VERY long time. Best of wishes in the next world from Toronto!

    P.S. Say hi to the Rev for me.

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