Friends & family of Athus Nadorian aka Brian Dyer

Friends & family of Athus Nadorian aka Brian Dyer,

On Tuesday the 11th of October 2011, Athus was involved in a severe car collision that ended his time here with us. The 29 years of his life were filled with amazing stories, incredible adventures and outstanding creativity and talent. He shared his love of life, affection for others and sense of humor with many wonderful people.

In memory of Athus and his special life, his closest kin have created this site for others to share their experiences with Athus as well as share photos and artwork. An email address has been established to send your wishes in to be posted on this site [email protected]

Thank you for your kind words, love and support through all of this. Remember to love life, hold your friends close and have a little fun – Athus wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

-Friends and Family

We have established a Paypal donation button below for those who wish to donate to Narse and Sarmy’s medical expenses, and Athus’s final expenses. Thank you.

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  • Sarus Treeleaf Wolf says:

    Rest in peace, though you may not be here with us, we will keep your memories and love going…

  • Kenny "Stripe Kazama" Andersson says:

    R.I.P Athus. I might not have known you, but I know your good friend, Ryan/Bastian seeing as he’s my furry dad. You will be missed.

  • Someone says:

    You were the symbol of maturity, class, and dignity, even for things that I far from agreed with. Your early sketches were the most valuable to me, for they proved to me that an artistic vision could not be out of grasp for me at a young age. Though fate chose to force our paths apart, through wicked words from worse people, I could never be rid of the respect I had for you then. May you find peace until your next journey.

    Sincerely, that grumpy guy with a blue dragon, Taernyll.

  • Mark S. says:

    It is a sad time when one so talented, and who shared the same birthday as mine, leaves us so suddenly. Though he will be forever in our hearts and know that his passing was swift, and that he is in a better place, waiting for us to join him one day.

    Be at peace.

  • Sonariss says:

    Athus.. RIP. Your sudden passing has reminded me just how short life really is.
    There is no time to waste being miserable, untrusting, offensive, or otherwise.
    We have but a short few moments, a blink in the eye of history, to make our mark.
    Why spend it chained by the burdens of drama and negativity and the everyday downs of day to day life? We need only spread our wings..

    To those loved ones of Athus that have been devastated by this loss, I am truly sorry. Just try to remember that he is probably waiting for you, somewhere out there. And I am sure he is happy. Please take care, and do not mourn long, for every moment of every day is truly precious.

  • Cyrakhis says:

    I knew Athus personally for approximately 7 years, dating back to 11th grade for me. Over the years he was nothing but a fantastic friend, proud in his ways and true to his beliefs. We could all aspire to pursue our dreams with the passion that he followed his own, despite being thrust into situations that were less than favorable. He always had that positive spin and worked harder than most I have known. I am very proud to have known you, you touched the lives of many during your time with us.

    I am richer for having known you, Athus. You may be gone but your memory will never fade. Rest well, brother.

  • Altenia Nadorian says:

    I will forever miss you, little brother.. Rest in peace now.. I will find you again.

  • Alex says:

    It is sad to see such a young life end so soon on this earth. He was clearly loved by many. My deepest condolences to his friends family and his mate. He may be physically gone but love endures all, and survives all.

  • D.O.P.R says:

    An individual of great spirituality, and tremendous talent who brought a positive influence to every life he touched.

    He will be forever missed.

  • Draco18s says:

    I’ve known Athus through his art for many years now, and ran into him once in the elevator at AnthroCon, but otherwise never spoke with him or got to know him well.

    His art shall forever be missed. His style and skill was admirable and one of my favorites.

    Wind to Thy Wings, Athus. May your next life be a good one.

  • Diamondwing says:

    My thoughts and wishes go out to his family and friends. In the brief time I’ve been blessed by his presence I will remember. He was a wonderful person, never spiteful nor hateful but full of love and understanding. Not many like him reside on this earth and such will be missed dearly. Bless you Athus…You will never be forgotten here on Earth. And shall you strive wherever you now reside. Happiness be with you.

  • Galadon Icefeather says:

    While I did not know you personally, your art was beautiful and I know you touched the lives of many. I know you will continue to provide inspiration even from the next world. Though you will be missed, you have touched more lives in the short time here on earth than most people could expect to do in a thousand lifetimes.

    May you glide upon your wings once more and let you true spirit no longer be held down by an earthly shell.

  • Aurydragon says:

    Rest well, Athus…

    We’ll cherish your time with us.

  • Sasho says:

    I did not know you personally, but I knew those who’s lives you touched. And while it might be a bad thing to say you are who your friends are, in this case, your friends are the kindest sweetest funniest people I know. And you perhaps had much to do with that. Rest in peace Athus.

  • Project Wolf says:

    I did not know Athus personally but I did know of him. I’m sorry he is gone and at such a young age, to be honest I am not sure what to say except that my thoughts are with him and everyone that loved and cared for him.

    Specially Narse.

  • Tahoe_Sushi says:

    I’ve known you a long time, I can’t imagine a life with you gone. I love you so much and miss you unbearably.

  • He was an amazing person. His art is loved by a great many people and he will be missed deeply. To his family, love who he was, and remember him as he would want. A happy, friendly, and loving person with an apatite for life that could not be satiated.

    You will be missed.
    Your heart and warmth.
    You will be missed.
    Your laugh and smile.
    You will be missed.
    Your talent an imagination.
    You will be missed.
    You will be missed.

  • Gaybe Crescent says:

    Rest in peave Athus, even though your time has ended here with us, we will carry out your life well beyond its years. The stories of your friendships, your accomplishment, and above all else your love, will be told. You are forever in our hearts, and never truelly gone. I hope, with the greatest presence of my heart, that you enjoy your time with the big dragons in the sky.

    with love,

  • RexWeasel/Ryan Watson says:

    I’m sorry for your loss….. I offer my condolences…… Someone once told me, “Tears mend the heart”, I took that to heart, and it made all the difference.

  • Takumori Softwing says:

    Met Athus and Narse at a furcon a few years ago, spoke a few times since then, enjoyed his sense of humor for sure! will miss ya bro,,

  • Gyaku says:

    RIP fellow dragon. though i may not have known you, my prayers go to your kin and anyone who had the pleasure of knowing you. may you rest in peace.

  • WelshyRhys says:

    Rest in peace Athus, I regret that I never got the change to get to know you, but from other souls you have touched with your kind gaze and soothing voice, we will all miss you. I hope that you find a place where you will be happy.

    May you soar the skies of our memories forever more.

    With undying love,

  • Rain Wolf says:

    Even though your time may have ended here, your spirit and memory will be kept alive here by family and friends. rest in peace Athus

  • 3DinoZ says:

    RIP Athus, you will be missed a lot..

  • NecroDrone13 says:

    Dear Sweet Athus,

    You were one of the kindest, and most spiritual people Ive ever known. Always looking at the positive, and having so much inner strength it would light up a room. Your memory will never die within any of us and I cherish the days Ive known you. I hope that you are flying around your favorite shores and clinging to the tree lined cliff sides you love so much.

    We will see each other again, I know it. Peace be with you.

    With Eternal Love and Gratitude,


  • Izaak says:

    R.I.P. Athus

    You’re time on this earth has come to an end, but you may rest in peace knowing you brought happiness to those around you.

  • Segremores says:

    I know that the likelihood that you are able to read this is slim to nothing, but I just wanted to say that I am sorry that my inaction led to me not getting to know you very well. If this situation has taught me anything at all, it’s that I should be a little more attentive when it comes to getting to know people who seem to touch the lives of so many others. I think it only appropriate that we say a prayer for you.

    “Hereupon your brow I leave the oboli.
    Take it for the ferryman.
    Hereupon your breast I leave the feather.
    Take it for the scales.
    Hereupon your belly I leave the bread.
    For I have consumed your sins.”

  • Temrin says:

    My deepest condolences to everyone who knew him. I never had the chance to know him, but my heart reaches out to all of you. Keep his memory alive and don’t forget, live on, and be happy. I’m sure he would want you to be.

    I will have you all in my thoughts and i wish you all the best.


  • AegisWinx says:

    Man….may you be happy, wherever you are now….

    Narse and all your friends will send all their love and best wishes to you… watch over them, if you can.

  • Nerian says:

    Though I only got to know him a little, I know how great of a person he was. He was funny and smart, and very kind soul. He will be remembered by all of us who had out lives touched by his presence. May we remember the time he blessed us with, and my he rest well.


  • Rithnok Tatsukao Flamespewer says:


    I remember the days you shared with us here in Nova Scotia… I remember the day, a bit of a chill night that I heard you were in my protectorate. I smiled brightly knowing how long Altenia had been awaiting your arrival with us in the port city of Halifax, Nova Scotia here in Canada. I still remember throwing on my jacket and whipping out the door, the stars hung in the sky with the silvery winking of the happiness I could even now feel through the air. The aura of pure contentment and love wrapping around me in proxy.

    I don’t remember ascending the stairs or even opening the door, but I do remember opening the door to Altenia’s nest only to see the smiles on both your muzzles when I arrived. I knew without words why the two of you were so happy, I had spent years hearing tales of your adventures together and I really felt I had to meet you. I know we had great times talking and discussing a great many things from your work at the time and the art you made over the years.

    Then one sunday, a chill morn and a foggier brain later, I remember us all heading out to Mersey Road Paintball in Nova Scotia to bring you into the fold of our team of friends and family. The mock arsenal of paintball markers making your eyes buldge as we drove in the two vehicles to the game. The welts, the stories the fun and comradare we had, is something I know I will never forget and I still remember the comment you made, “This was great fun! But I’m not as good at it as you all are…” while I did not have something to say right away… I do want to say this:

    I have spent time overseas, I have spent much of my time learning the physical and strategic arts. I have earned medals and had people I don’t even know recognize me for my work in the fields of paintball. And while I have trainned many, I have found myself an ant before a giant. I, have always wished to have the ability to create artwork. To bring life to the mind’s eye, but for all I have achieved, for all I have tought myself… I am at a loss for the artistic.

    You are the reason I continue to grow in those things I believe I am good at… Because, you have a gift I can only marvel at. A talent that will follow a legacy that none will match, and while I shall fade into obscurity as the curtain falls upon my final night. Your talent, have steeled itself within my mind and heart. The passion you have will always inspire me and will always remind me of you. It will always say to me that at the falling of my final night, I will see you again. Fear not all who read this, take heart in knowing that while the body may be gone, the mind will persist and the soul can never be destroyed so long as one remembers there will always be a hope, nay a fate to meet again.

    So, Athus… Let this not be a note of Good-Bye, let this instead be my honourable bow that lets us part ways here on Earth, for you are free from your physical bonds to stretch your wings to the air and to wrap yourself in the love of all of those who have known you. While you go before us, I know that you will wait for us to join you. You have been the passion that pushed me to the plateau of my physical skills. To keep striving to be better. To have known you is to have been touched by you. While memories become fuzzy, I will never forget you. I will stand beside Altenia as I have always said I will, I will guard her… You have my word of honour and I will never break that. Rest well knowing you have someone protecting her. And rest by the lair’s mouth… For I hope to find you again. This is no Good-Bye, but rather a fare thee well.

    At the going down of the sun,

    I will remember.

    Loyally Yours,

    Rithnok Tatsukao Flamespewer
    White Lotus Samurai

  • Zelandeth Sulanast says:

    You’ll be missed Athus, by more people than you would know I think.

    It’s with great regret that I never had the opportunity to meet you, if I had I would like to think that I would have come to call you a friend.

    Rest well, Athus. You will be missed.

  • Deihnyx says:

    Rest in Peace Athus

    You will be missed by many, many people who became furries with the great work you accomplished on this earth.

    And we will never forget you.

  • Kurousenkou AKA J. Deering says:

    I may only have shared a couple of messages with Athus, but his art inspired me to improve myself as an artist.

    I’ll never forget his passion and kindness, and to all who mourn his passing alongside me, my thoughts and feelings are with you.

  • Behementh says:

    When I began to find myself in many ways, I knew your name back then. To me, you served as this unwavering spirit who refused to go against his core soul and belief, and despite everything, that never changed. You continued to be proud and incredibly strong. You had brothers and sisters around you bonded by a love which was so profound and powerful, it radiated the most beautiful light and warmth. It served too as a motivation to find it in our own lives.

    I didn’t know you personally, and that is what makes this so miraculous, because you had such a shining spirit, it touched those like me without even uttering a word. You did that for so many in a community and more, and so rarely does that happen.

    Through your loved ones your memory and soul will remain eternal and so incredibly loved. That goes for people like me as well, who you inspired with a silent illumination of your personality, soul, belief and spirit. The entirety of who you still are, no matter if you left this world.

  • Wyraach says:

    Even though we only knew each other for two weeks, I new you were a great person – if we had gotten to known each other better, I would have loved you like a brother.

    Rest in Peace, my friend…we’ll get to know each other on the other side one day.

  • Ries Seraphim Gramande says:

    Throughout life I have had heartbreak after heartbreak, though the feeling and loss right now feels greater than any of that…

    Knowing you helped me better know me, being close to you, and our other dear kin. You will be missed, greatly so, though never forgotten. Nor shall those of us whom love you let it fade. You will never be just a memory, but a far greater feeling deep within.

    May your wings carry you to heights we can not see, Athus Nadorian…

  • Khimera Prima says:

    I’m truly sorry he had to be ripped away like this. I may not have known him at all but the death of anyone you love dearly, or who is close to someone you care for, is still something you can feel for. I hope he is happy wherever he is now. Who knows, he’s probably waiting to be reunited with those he loves and cares about.

    Khimera Prima

  • Noxior says:

    I am sorry you are no longer with us. I didn’t know you in real life and I doubt I ever would have, but those that did will now be left with a void in their lives that will never be filled now you have passed away. I hope you find peace and that your memory helps your loved ones find it also.

    You will be sorely missed by many.

    <3 <3 <3

  • Crimson Nova says:

    Though I did not know you well, you were kind, smart and decent. You did not deserve to be taken so soon and you will be missed, both by myself and others who knew you very much more.
    Their thoughts and feelings carry far more weight than mine could and many have already made their thoughts known.
    Rest in peace mon ami.

  • Burninizer says:

    Brian touched the hearts of all he was near, he was a wonderful man and I wish I had known him more. May his body rest peacefully as his soul lives with us all.

  • Scaly mate says:

    Athus, I didn’t had the luck to personally know you, but I am totally wrecked by this terrible new… I still can’t believe it…

    I’ve heard a lot of praises about your person, and I just wish I could have known you better. All my thoughts go to your family and your mate Narse…

    Rest in peace dragon, I will never forget you :'( …

  • Sylrifaide says:

    This sudden and unfair disappearance deeply hurts, and fills me with sadness.
    You brought joy and happiness to me and many others. We never talked, yet you are an important part of my life. I love what you created, and it helped me growing up.

    My heart is forever with you.

  • Byzil says:

    It’s.. really hard to know what to say.

    I didn’t know you a fraction as well as you deserved, but I knew you well enough and spent enough time around you to have looked to you with admiration and joy from the happiness you brought when we talked or hung out at cons for bits here and there. I’ve been telling people that it was Narse and you who made my first con experience something absolutely wonderful when I was terrified and shy.

    In the flood of people who knew you better I know that I can’t say much that hasn’t been said, but know that you will be missed and that I always looked to you with a sincere fondness and admiration.

    Wind to thy wings..

  • Soscer says:

    Rest In peace Brother. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust… Amen.

  • John Calafin says:

    Athus.. you were one of the reasons I let myself become a fur, let my mind oepn to the fact a part of me could be dragon. You gave me strength, laughter, joy.

    I lost track of you over the years, and then finally met up with you again not even a year ago, and was amazed at how your joy was the same, but your skill and happiness had grown. You had found a mate, work, found contentment, while your skills only grew. That time I got to sit and chat with you and your mate is something wonderful I will always cherish.

    Your body may no longer contain you spirit, but your inner soul, your draconic essence, is still with us, flying on scaled wings, spreading laughter and inspiration.

    May you find peace and joy, the sky be blue behind you, a bright sun before you, and your wings always let you fly wherever your heart desires.

    Rest well my friend; when I see you again, we can swim again together.

  • Losian says:

    Even though I wasn’t personally very close to Athus he was always friendly and pleasant towards me when I would bump into him at cons, and I always appreciated it and enjoyed chatting with him. The loss of any life is a true misfortune, and this is an affirmation of that.

  • Inusan says:

    Sad tidings…
    You were always a point of calm in a rather chaotic world.


  • Lysandarria says:

    We fell out of touch quite a few years ago, but you were one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. You will be sorely missed.

    I only wish I’d gotten to talk to you more in recent months.

    May your wings continue to carry you on your new journey.

  • Darius-Kei Midnite says:

    I may have never truly known him, and I only met and spoke with him once, but from the first day I’d heard of him he became as much a small part of my life as the large part he was to so many others. The community has lost one of its most brilliant friends and brothers, one who truly knew how to live in his own way.

    He may rest in the walking of this world, but Athus will always be among us all in heart and spirit.

    My best condolences to family and friends. May we never forget what we so cherished.

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